Is it any wonder why people in West Vincent Township are progressively becoming more disgusted with the current administration? And why there is no trust that the West Vincent Township Administration is competent to perform in a proper manner?

At the Board of Supervisors meeting of November 25, 2013; this was the Agenda: http://westvincenttwp.org/images/docs/112513%20Agenda.pdf   Part of the agenda reads: "Active Subdivision List: Extension Request: Birchrun Village"

This spawned an interesting discussion about what was happening with the Birchrun Village Development.

I recommend that everyone watch this video to see how the people were treated.
http://youtu.be/gGwG_P1b7C0 (The full version is here http://westvincenttwp.org/images/all-videos/BOS%20Video%20112513.wmv)

Most embarrassing is how the West Vincent Administration did not know the difference between the Municipality Planning Code and the Municipal Sewage Code. Not only did the Supervisors not know, West Vincent Township Manager Jim Wendelgass did not know and was emphatic in telling a resident that she was talking about the Sewage Act.

Sadly, even when the clearly frustrated resident proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, using a Smart Phone to check with Google, the front table containing all of the leaders of West Vincent Township continue to deny that she was correct.

By the way, The Municipal Planning Code (referred to as the MPC) is Act 247, just as the resident stated.  http://mpc.landuselawinpa.com/mpc_full.html

The Municipal Sewage is Act 537.  http://www.dep.state.pa.us/dep/deputate/watermgt/wqp/Forms/Act537/Forms_537Plan.htm

Here is the transcript of the video.

Supervisor Clare Quinn: ….spending about half of our budget
Thomaseth Dulchinos: If I'm not mistaken, when you have a historical property and you have a historical district, you do need to consider that plan.
Quinn: You are mistaken, You do not, you do not
Thomaseth Dulchinos: Act 247? The Muni code?
Audience member: Isn't that sewage?
Audience member: Yeah, that's the Sewage (undetermined) thing.
Dulchinos: No it's not.
James Wendelgass: Yes it is.
Unknown: Act 247?
Wendelgass: Act 247 plans? That's the sewage plan.
Dulchinos: It's the Municipal Code. It's the Pennsylvania Municipal Code.
Quinn: That's the sewage plan.
Dulchinos: OK, so perhaps none of you know what the Pennsylvania Code would be that, that is supposed to guide you?
Quinn: We're not in violation of any code. That's what we're saying. We're not in violation.
Dulchinos: So you've never needed to do a study...
Quinn: No, we've never need to do a study, we do not. We didn't do anything in violation of anything.
Suzanne Graham: But Clare, didn't you also say you didn't do a study of anything?
Quinn: We did not do a study when we extended the Birchrun Village to that property, we did not. The Birchrun Village District is what it is. It is fairly clear, It was created with a planner. We decided that property appropriately belonged there, which was moving it up by 3 properties.
Suzanne Graham: And so you, do you find that what.....
Dulchinos: Can we? Excuse me...
Supervisor Ken Miller: Hold on.
Dulchinos: Act 247 is exactly what it is. In the day of Google, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.
Miller: Will you please sit down? Suzanne Roth has the floor.
Dulchinos: Suzanne, would you yield to me?
Suzanne: I will yield.
Miller: OK, go ahead, yell at us.
Dulchinos: It's right here. It's right here.
Miller: Good
Dulchinos: Not good. Read it, because you know I've got....
Miller: I can't undo what the Board did then. As much as you don't like it, there's nothing I can do about it. (Note: the Board members at that time were Miller, Quinn, Perkins)
Dulchinos: The word is non-feasance
Quinn: What?
Dulchinos: Non-feasance.
Quinn: What is non-feasance?
Dulchinos: It means if you don't follow this and you are aware of it, you can be booted.
Quinn: I'm leaving, baby. So it doesn't matter to me.
(Several people laugh)
Dulchinos: Well, I find that really, really helpful and very funny. This is our village, sweetie.
Debbie Westfall: Excuse me.
Miller: Debbie Westfall
Westfall: Where were you all when this happened? Were you out there then, asking the board then to do anything about it?
Dulchinos: So if someone does....
Westfall: No-no.....
Dulchinos: ….something wrong or illegal it's OK, it's grandfathered in, right?
Westfall: I'm just asking. I'm just asking....what year was this when..when
Wendelgass: It was 10 years ago
Westfall: 10 years ago
Wendelgass: It was 2004 or 2003
Dulchinos: And isn't it supposed to be updated every so many times, especially if you're going to...
Wendelgass: You're talking
Dulchinos: ….making a zoning change that affects the historic district?
Wendelgass: The Act 247 Plan is a sewage plan. And there are certain (undetermined), it gets updated on a regular basis with each subdivision that gets approved.
Dulchinos: It's funny because what she just pulled up and what I have been reading has nothing to do with the sewage plan.
Quinn: And you're citing the wrong number, there we go.
Wendelgass: Then, then we don't have the right number.
Sara Shick (Planning Commission Member): 235
Wendelgass: 235?
Shick: 247 is the sewage plan
Quinn: Yes, 247 is sewage.
Miller: Is there any other comments?

Isn't it sad that an ordinary resident knows the difference between Act 247 and Act 537, but those titled “Township Supervisor”, “Township Manager”, and “Attorney” do not? Perhaps their pay is too high? 
In fact, at the table are 3 attorneys (Stephen Siana, Jim Wendelgass, David Brown), including one developer (Stephen Siana subdivided Hunt Hill and owns the office Buildings on Route 100 in Ludwigs) yet NONE of them know the difference.

As a sideline, as the Township Manager that doesn't know the difference between two vastly different codes, James Wendelgass' starting salary in 2014 is $108, 500. With
benefits brings his total is $138, 320.00. http://westvincenttwp.org/images/docs/2014%20Budget-Reformated.pdf

Jim Wendelgass' base salary of $108,500 is higher than that of the salaries of the Governors of : Maine, Arkansas, Tennessee, Colorado, North Dakota, Oregon, West Virginia, Louisiana, Indiana, Arizona, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho, Kansas, and South Carolina.

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