In response to the commercial development happening at the old Schoolhouse property, the Supervisors continue to push for zoning changes in Birchrunville. The problem is, what the Supervisors are doing is veiled and claiming it is being done because the residents have been demanding it for 7 years. The problem is, nobody has demanded any such thing, rather, they only want the zoning to be followed. This is the zoning that they trusted the Supervisors to enforce. A resident of Birchrunville attending the meeting of November 11 argued against it as well as John Jacobs, the newly elected Supervisor who will take his position in January. http://www.westvincenttwp.org/images/all-videos/BOS%20Video%20111113.wmv

The Planning Commission met last Thursday and here is a article from the Daily Local News November 25, 2013 on the overwhelming recommendation AGAINST the proposed zoning changes http://www.dailylocal.com/general-news/20131124/birchrunville-future-is-community-concern

The proposed change is to disallow ANY type of business in Birchrunville other than office space. Since Historic Birchrunville is zoned commercial, I suspect this will devalue the properties in that area, because it lessens the use or potential of the otherwise zoned properties. This move also removes the need for a Conditional Use hearing for the proposed Schoolhouse development, it is then a use by right. Furthermore, it is a village, once teaming with small business. Here is a link to a fascinating history of Birchrunville http://www.livingplaces.com/PA/Chester_County/West_Vincent_Township/Birchrunville.html

Why is it the West Vincent Supervisors continue to work in subversive ways instead of above board? It must benefit them somehow to go against the will of the citizens.

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