At the November 11, 2011 West Vincent Board of Supervisors meeting, Sara Shick, member of the Planning Commission and sister to Harriet Stone (current Judge of Elections holding the office illegally), informed the Board that an anonymous e-mail circulating was wrong. I assume she was referring to my e-mail of 8 November, 2013 so I will address this subject. She stated:

There has been another anonymous e-mail this time with incorrect information this time about my sister Harriet Stone regarding the old Powder Mill on her property. I want you all to know that she and her husband, Larry, are currently having the old mill reconstructed with the help of a historical architectural consulting firm and an expert stone mason. None of the stones have left the site of the old mill. I have a photo showing the condition of the old mill in October of this year.”

Here is a the link to the video: http://westvincenttwp.org/images/all-videos/BOS%20Video%20111113.wmv It is the beginning of the video, literally the first minute.

I never stated that the materials ever left the property and Ms. Shick knows as such. She merely made that statement to leave the impression that I did.  Look at my newsletter from 8 November, 2013. If you've deleted my e-mail it's on my website address below.

Shortly after that meeting, I received an e-mail from a subscriber telling me that the same e-mail of 8 November, 2013, is incorrect. Here is the email:

"Dear Chickenman- As always, I am thankful that you take the time to watch over the happenings in West Vincent Township. I don't know how you find the time to do all of your research, etc!? However, during the election you stated that Harriet Stone had destroyed the Powder Mill on her property. Harriet and Larry have been restoring the site with care being taken to what is found in the process. Please, correct this in one of your messages to the citizens of WVT. If you need further information, please, contact me."

I replied:
"Thanks for writing.
But actually, I never said destroyed, I said, "Today, sadly it is all gone. Pulled down and the stone used to make garden walls."
You cannot "restore" something that is now gone. You can replace or reproduce, but you cannot restore. Restore would be an act of refurbishing an existing item, which the powder mill is not. The entire ruins were disassembled and installed into garden walls. Are they now disassembling the garden walls to rebuild with pre marked stones in a similar fashion to the way London Bridge was shipped to Arizona?
It is interesting to look at a recent view of the area on Google Street view. All gone.
It would be nice if the Stones actually were already inspired to do such a thing prior to my expose, but I personally have a hard time believing that. What is being claimed is nothing more than story time. How is it possible that nobody knew about it in the area? When did the township approve the building permit? For that matter, when did the township approve the building of a reproduction mill in a flood plain or within the 150' riparian buffer? There certainly has been no discussion of this on any minutes available. This falls into the same issues as the Schoolhouse development."

Actually, I was referring to any trace of the ruins, that were "all gone".  But now it seems that all recent views of the area on Google streetview are all gone too!  Isn't that strange?  All the Streetviews around 1645 Birchrun Road PA now gone.  Do you think someone maybe has something to hide?  Luckily I already have a screenshot from Streetview which shows no trace of any ruins.

All gone.  No doubt eventually they will be back. Do I mean ruins, or Streetview?  I leave it to you. The walls look nice.  But to get a really current update just make a drive past, and compare with the 1977 ruins.  But you better be quick.  I hear there's some pretty frantic rebuilding going on.

Here is a shot from
Chesco Views. The outbuilding lower left of the house is not the powder mill, it is a small garden house of some sort. The powder mill was closer to the brown area to the lower center of the picture.  There are similar views on Google Earth too, but you have to go back a few years to find images taken during the winter when there are no leaves on the trees.

Finally, Ms Shick, I would not have needed to come back to this subject had you not misquoted me at the BOS meeting...............

Best wishes


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