Some while back I bought an RV and spent 2 years traveling the US, Mexico, and Canada.  I traveled every day but stopped and explored every place I could find of interest.  Mostly for me, museums and historical sites.  Mostly, all lovingly preserved.  I loved them.  They were a major part of my reason for continuing to travel.

Just, from time to time, I would find vandalism.  Just North of Bend in Oregon there was a sign on a display board at at a viewpoint, saying sorry, the information board has been destroyed too often, we cannot replace it any more.  I sometimes would see ancient buildings with initials scrawled on them, or an old wall painting overwritten with modern day graffiti.  I heard about a fossil site in S Dakota that opened in around 1920 then closed in 1957 because all the fossils had been stolen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fossil_Cycad_National_Monument

Mostly, everywhere was intact though, and lovingly preserved.  Often beautifully re created.  Mostly more than compensating for those early pioneers who knew no better, and later vandals interested in destroying the past.  I think it would be hard to better the Oregon Trail Interpretative Center recording those early events with hardly more than a rutted trail as souvenir.

Returning to West Vincent Township, I read in the minutes that a Birchrunville guided tour was a great success. It is wonderful that people will experience all the great history of the quaint little crossroads etc. in the area. 



I was fascinated by this and was reminded of a book written on Birchrunville. Guess what I found?

In West Vincent you had a wonderful piece of history.  The old Powder Mill.  It should have been preserved for ever.  A History of West Vincent Township by Elizabeth Eldridge, published in 1977, carried details.  I'll quote from the book:

and here is a picture of the mill at that time, taken from the booklet.

Today, sadly it is all gone.  Pulled down and the stone used to make garden walls. At the time, although a ruin, all four walls with window openings, were still standing.
It should be a criminal offense.

But in West Vincent, in times gone by?  No. Not at all. And not that long ago.  The perpetrator, who about 15 years ago pulled down this historic building to make garden walls, is none other than WVT Historic Site Preservation Manager Harriet Stone. Does that name sound familiar from my recent writings? She was also a Judge of Elections candidate (and current Judge of Elections holding the office illegally).  The very person arranging and giving the tour of Birchrunville. Nowhere else could the person responsible for tearing down one of the area's most memorable sites be made into the person responsible for the preservation of those exact same historic sites.  It's unbelievable.  Well it would be, except it happened in West Vincent under the eye of Supervisor Ken Miller.

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