Situations vacant : Chickenman

Requirements or qualifications

1.  Non residency in WVT.  You know what happened to Barry, and you've heard of the way David M is being hounded just because people think he is me.

2.  An ability to communicate by email.

3.  Editing skills, able to sort the wheat from the chaff.

4.  An interest in investigation and searching for truth.

5.  Some computing knowledge.

6.  A large hard disk.  I currently have over 15,000 emails in my WVT folder, in only 3 years.

7.  A chunk of time, needed to read or write all those emails.

8.  A strong interest in fighting against corruption generally and for honesty in government.

9.  There is no salary or any other remuneration.

10. The actual time involved will be rather less if John Jacobs is elected or, if Otteni is in, much the same as before.

11.  Applications are by invitation only.

Oh.  And there is STILL time to vote..................

Best wishes


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