Just some updates today

I have been informed that the Chester County District attorney and Voter Services are investigating the claims of ineligibility of Judge of Election candidates Susie Benson (D) and Harriet Stone (D) (who donated $600 to Ted Otteni's campaign).

It seems that Ted Otteni is NOW endorsed by the Sierra Club.  I am happy to confirm that. Their fall newsletter which I believe has been published just today does give that endorsement although he has been claiming it for some time, and, interestingly, they have got his name wrong.
"Ted Often, (R) Open Seat"    Even more interesting is that the endorsement includes the statement "Noted environmentalist Claire Quinn,an incumbent Council member, recommends him for Council"  You will remember that Otteni claims he is not connected with the current administration?  I guess you win some, you lose some.

For honesty, transparency, and a breath of fresh air vote John Jacobs tomorrow, November 5.    Exactly 0% of his donations came from anyone connected to the current administration.


Best wishes


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