Nobody realizes how many MILLIONS OF DOLLARS John Jacobs has saved the West Vincent taxpayers

One of many things that John Jacobs is known for, besides being an owner of Somerset Nursery, is his role as President of the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show Association, a non-profit organization. When West Vincent Township decided to take the 33 acre property by Eminent Domain, he had a duty to fight to protect the privately held grounds from being taken. Not only a duty to the Association, but a duty to himself because Eminent Domain is something he strongly opposes, except in the most drastic of instances.

I would bet that nobody has taken the time to realize how much money the taxpayers were saved defeating the taking of the Horse Show property. The savings were in the MILLIONS of dollars. Consider the basic expenses:

Property Purchase. The government does not get the ground for free, they have to pay the value. I understand the last appraisal of the property was around $4,000,000.00

Attorney's fees. Coatesville spent over $3,000,000 in legal bills (http://emdo.blogspot.com/2006/05/city-ends-7-year-fight-for-property.html)
when that city attempted to take private property for recreational purposes.

Improvements: After acquiring the property, West Vincent would have to invest more than $1,000,000 to the property to make the proposed sports fields. Neighboring Upper Uwchlan Township invested similar money into Hickory Park, an existing township property. Their population is approximately 3 times larger than West Vincent's. Upper Uwchlan also has a much larger tax base to fund such projects.

Maintenance: Once in the public possession, the property must be maintained. The township, for years, has not maintained Griffith farm and is finally doing something to keep the barn from deteriorating further. It would not be unusual to spend over $50,000 per year in labor, materials, and insurance just for upkeep of the Horsehow grounds with playing fields.

Taxes: Previously taxes from the 33 acre property were paid by a private landholder. With Eminent Domain these tax OBLIGATIONS would be a cost borne by the taxpayer.

John Jacobs saved the township taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars and the public still has a beautiful and protected property on Route 100. Not only that, how does one put a price on saved history and the 70 year tradition of the Horse Show?

Vote John Jacobs.

Best wishes


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