Candidates should always be prepared to prove claims they make. For example, when a candidate claims they are “Endorsed” by a person, group or organization,

they had better list EXACTLY what the endorsement states, where and when it was stated and by whom. That being said, since April, Ted Otteni has repeatedly advertised that he has the endorsement of the Sierra Club with no proof.

A search of the National, Pennsylvania and Southeast PA Sierra Club websites reflect no such endorsement. An Internet search turns up nothing. It is difficult to believe that the Sierra Club would endorse a person whose very job is to pave and concrete the world. I find it strange that Ted's website has no mention of ANY Environmental accomplishments and yet the Sierra Club supposedly supports him. Really? Is anyone buying this claim? But there is good news.  I did manage to find an article on Ted Otteni pushing for a bridge project that would require eminent domain taking of private property for a bridge.


No takers - so far - on the two gift vouchers I offered in my last newsletter.

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