Ted Otteni is claiming on his website:

"Attended the Board of Supervisor meetings and public rallies to oppose the eminent domain proceedings against the Ludwig’s horseshow grounds. I spoke out at the meetings questioning the solicitor regarding stipulations of the law and objected to unfounded justifications by the supervisors for the act. I was there because I had a civic duty to be there."

I searched all the videos (Township and YouTube) and minutes available about Eminent domain and there are several. This took many hours. I found only one meeting where he spoke (not meetings as he claims) and there is absolutely no evidence he ever objected to “unfounded justification”. In fact, in this video he NEVER questioned what was being done or why. He certainly NEVER protested the Eminent domain or expressed any stance whatsoever, and CERTAINLY NEVER objected to unfounded justifications by the Supervisors for the act (of Eminent Domain). What he is claiming is terribly misleading. Here is the only record I could find of him speaking.  Listen to what he says and compare it to his statement above:


Starts around 102.34

I will offer TWO $25 gift cards for any videos or credible documentation from the Eminent Domain period that shows Ted Otteni taking a stance against Eminent Domain of the Horseshow or that substantiate his claims. I will publish an immediate notice if I receive any proof.

Additional incentive:  Any recipient of the gift cards MIGHT be able to ascertain where they were purchased and then obtain CCTV of the transaction and then by identification of the purchaser MIGHT be able to discover the identity of the original recipient which MIGHT lead you to me.  Get to it fellas!  Lets have that proof and you MIGHT be able to find out who I am!!  Happy Halloween!!

Best wishes


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