After publishing my post yesterday, something jumped out at me. I noticed that Ted Otteni ran in the Primary as a Republican. I thought that couldn't be right, as he is now running as a Democrat. I looked up the 2013 Election results from Voter Services:

District 1 http://www.chesco.org/DocumentCenter/View/12969

District 2 http://www.chesco.org/DocumentCenter/View/12970

and sure enough, Ted Otteni ran as a Republican in the Primary. He lost the Republican race by a 2-1 margin. Now Ted Otteni has jumped over to the Democrat ticket in order to run again in the General election. I looked up his Party affiliation and he is STILL A REPUBLICAN. Here is a copy of the most current voter list, published October 8. I blocked out most of the other information to keep information private of the voters but left partial names to show that it is the voter list.

These actions are that of an OPPORTUNIST running as a Democrat, USING the Democrat Party but Ted doesn't even have the courtesy to change his Republican Party affiliation. This is very misleading and deceptive to the Democrats that think they are voting for a Democrat. Ted Otteni's website lists his “Values” as No-Nonsense, Honest, Straightforward and Integrity and what he is doing doesn't reflect any of them. The least he could do is disclose that he is a Republican. That would be Transparency, one of his other “Values”.

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