I have been reading the websites of both Supervisor candidates and on Ted Otteni's ABOUT page, he states, "Many of you may also be aware of my efforts to raise awareness and contest the development of an institutional facility proposed for our neighborhood." After 5 months, you would think that Mr. Otteni would be No-Nonsense, Honest and Straightforward as he states those are his values. He STILL will not tell the voter that the Institutional Facility that he opposed was actually a group home for homeless and/or disabled American veterans. Here is what I wrote on May 18 for the Primary Election:


I received a copy of a letter today. It came from Ted
Otteni that is running against John Jacobs for Supervisor on the Republican ticket. If anyone has received this letter, I would now pick it up and re-read the letter. We tend to scan political information and not process much of it, which is good for a candidate. They depend upon the average voter to not question a statement or analyze a remark. Something that sounds heroic, or perhaps and act of selflessness, turns out to be anything but. This letter was really filled with platitudes that say nothing of substance with one notable exception. In his letter, he states he wants to represent the vast number of people who want “no-nonsense, honest and straightforward representation”, followed by “Many of you may be aware of my efforts to raise awareness and contest the development of an institutional facility proposed in our neighborhood”.

Strange, this vaguely worded description of an “Institutional Facility”. What was this Institutional Facility? It was a proposed WOUNDED WARRIOR GROUP HOME to help our injured military men and women transition back to civilian life, located on a 7 acre parcel in the woods. A place of solace for people that have sacrificed so much to protect our country and our way of life. Ted is proud to lead the fight against the very people that fight for his freedom. He boasts about it in his literature. Is it because Ted feels veterans do not deserve our help or perhaps it was just too close to his home? His actions are a slap in the face to ALL VETERANS and I hope you all remember this on Election Day.

I don't know if this project would have passed the the township ordinances and that doesn't really matter. If it didn't meet the criteria for a group home, the Township shouldn't approve it. But the letter clearly demonstrates that while Ted Otteni CLAIMS honest and straightforward representation, he is already not telling you the WHOLE TRUTH, when half the truth can manipulate your vote. All he had to do is be completely honest and say “I FOUGHT AGAINST THE WOUNDED WARRIOR GROUP HOME” but that certainly would not garner votes, would it? Misleading statements are something you should all be tired of hearing. Aren't the citizens of West Vincent fatigued by the deception of the Supervisors both now and when they were candidates? Ted Otteni has been taught by people like Dave Brown and Ken Miller. After the election, he won't care what he said to mislead you, he will be in a position of power for 6 years. Don't ever forget, Actions speak louder than words.

Be prepared for more of the same if he gets in, just like Dave Brown, Clare Quinn and Ken Miller.

Vote John Jacobs on Tuesday, May 21. His actions prove who he is. Check out his website www.votejacobs.com 

Best wishes


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