There was an interesting article in the Daily Local News
http://www.dailylocal.com/general-news/20131014/birchrunville-office-plan-up-for-vote  about the Conditional Use for the development of the Birchrunville Schoolhouse. The hearing is now being continued.

The attorney for the owners of the Birchrun Village project recently had surgery and has no set return date to the practice. Another attorney of that firm has now taken the case but was not up to speed on the nuances of it.

The only thing that was done at the hearing last night was the filing of objections by the developer's attorney against anyone that lived more than 500 feet from the Schoolhouse property. That is a protest in an effort to squelch anyone's opinion (positive or negative), statement or questioning of testimony  given during the hearing that lives further than 500 feet from the property line.

All of this could have been avoided if the Supervisors at the time, of which two of the three still sit on the Board (Ken and Clare), had done the right thing when selling the property. All they had to do was zone it residential, like the adjoining properties, or deed restrict the parcel.  Instead, the Board of Supervisors, including Zoe Perkins, knew they could get more money if it was commercial and greed won out. In the end, it could potentially cost the Township as much as they gained by changing the zoning to commercial for a net zero gain.

Don't worry, the money the township spends to complete this process is yours.

Here is the article.

Birchrunville office plan up for vote

By Ginger Dunbar, Daily Local News

Posted: |

WEST VINCENT – Supervisors will vote on a controversial application Monday for proposed offices buildings next to the historic Birchrunville Schoolhouse.

The hearing will begin at 7:30 p.m. as the start of the regularly scheduled board meeting at the township building.

Numerous residents of the area have complained over the months that the development proposal will hurt the rural character of the village of Birchrunville.

The Chester County Planning Commission filed a recommendation Sept. 30 that the plan be denied. The commission stated in a Sept. 30 letter to supervisors that the application does not meet township ordinance requirements.

The county’s recommendation is not binding on supervisors.

The conditional use application was prepared by Wilkinson & Associates Inc. in December 2009. The application was submitted by the developer, Birchrun Village LLC.

The developer is proposing to build three two-story office buildings along Flowing Springs Road. The plan includes 34 parking spaces. The site is slightly less than 3 acres.

The application also proposes water and sewer service.

The schoolhouse, built in 1863, will be saved. The structure was previously used as the township’s administration building.

The county planning commission noted a township zoning ordinance requires the plan to include details of existing man-made and natural features within 500 feet of the property. The details are not shown on the proposal.

The plan requests a variance related to the setbacks from the historic structures.

As the site is within the Birchrunville National Register Historic District, the county planning commission asked township officials to ensure that any development “does not affect the integrity and context of the existing historic resource.”

The site is within the rural and natural landscape designations of the 2009 County Comprehensive Plan.

According to the report by the planning commission, the development is not consistent with the guidelines for rural landscape area, and may have negative impacts on the historic resource.

The commission noted that the application does not include a historic resources impact study.

Here is a follow up article in the Daily Local News  http://www.dailylocal.com/government-and-politics/20131014/township-delays-hearing-on-birchrunville-plan

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