While I continue to work on my latest expose, I thought the residents of West Vincent should know that the latest Snow Removal Bids have come in.

There was only ONE bidder. It happens to be a personally homeless, location-less, I don't even know how his equipment hasn't been repossessed, bidder. You know the one, the "preferred" contractor in West Vincent Township with absolutely no credit so that if anything went wrong with his operation there cannot possibly be any recourse by the Township. That's right, D&L Construction, LLC.

The award has not yet been released in the Minutes, but I think it might be a safe bet that DL got the bid. Congratulations! West Vincent Taxpayers must be so proud.


Best wishes


P.S. Some people are getting warnings from Site Advisor (McAfee) that my site might be dangerous.  Don't worry it's perfectly safe!  McAfee have done this sort of thing before. They link all website from a particular provider and if they find just one of these sites that is doubtful they blacklist the lot.  It's annoying but previously they have eventually sorted it out.

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