There have been a of couple write-ups on the Birchrunville Village development in the Daily Local lately.

Group forms to oppose Birchrunville Development



W. Vincent residents keep wary eye on developers


It seems that the people of Birchrunville are finally starting to realize that they were sold down the river by the very people they voted for. As I have written in the past with documentation (22 December 2012, 1 January, 2013) about the Supervisors in office at the point in time when the  Schoolhouse (and former township building) was sold, rhey created this monster by zoning the property commercial when it could have been zoned residential. It's location was right on the border of the Birchrun Village Commercial District and was previously zoned Municipal. Those Supervisors, Clare Quinn, Zoe Perkins and Ken Miller all decided to change the zoning to maximize the profits for the township to help pay for the new Municipal building. I don't have a particular problem with any of that.

I do believe that everyone should take issue with the way the Supervisors project by any and all means how they preserve the West Vincent and the Birchrunville way of life to the residents, then prostitute that way of life by changing zoning in exchange for money. Why not just be honest? Is that so difficult?  Why is it the most trusted ones in charge are the ones that betray their supporters in the end? Because blind trust is a fools errand. Now, as the people of Birchrunville and beyond fight to protect what they cherish, I quote what Ronald Reagan used to quote an old Russian proverb. “Trust, but verify”. Something that was never done by the citizens.

While the Supervisors have attempted to claim victimship for the zoning without admitting they created the problem, that issue is too late to change. The property IS zoned for commercial use and the Supervisors must allow the developer to build within the requirements of the zoning and State law. If they don't the township will most likely be sued. Clare Quinn has stated (paraphrased) that the owners could come forward with a plan that is ugly that will meet the current zoning. The owner of the property deserves the right to do anything they want within the zoning. I completely agree and I think any animosity towards the developer for legal development is totally misguided.  The people of Birchrunville are clearly asking only for the zoning rules to be followed.

It should be remembered that those same Supervisors (Ken, Clare and Zoe) protected the Schoolhouse on Route 100 in Ludwigs Corner, next to the Horse Show grounds. When a resident was trying to make a small restaurant out of the building, the Supervisors granted a Conditional Use


but the zoning was so restrictive that the deal collapsed. That property is in the Planned Commercial/Light Industrial section of the township on Route 100, a major highway that runs from Allentown to Delaware with tractor-trailer traffic, not historic Birchrunville. Confused? You should be.

There will be a CONDITIONAL USE hearing for the development of this of the Birchrunville Schoolhouse and it is scheduled for October 14, 2013 at 7:30 pm. The Judge and Jury for this hearing will be the West Vincent Supervisors, Ken Miller, Clare Quinn and David Brown. Two of the three Jurors created the situation, David Brown merely defends it. For a guided insight on how the decision will be made by this Judge and jury, allow me to disclose the mindset. At the August 26 Supervisors meeting, Ken Miller explained that the Supervisor's were limited to what they could talk about at the Township meeting. He stated, “As a Board, we can't say anymore because it's (the Conditional Use Hearing) a quasi-judicial proceeding. We have to maintain AT LEAST SOME APPEARANCE OF NON-BIAS, I guess”. Never let it be said that Ken Miller can't tell the truth once in a while. “Appearance” is all you get with this bunch, forget the non-bias. Especially after the way they have rigged this entire Schoolhouse Development. How much will be waived of requirements in the zoning?

Don't believe me? Here is the video clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYdMK0zvcKU

And here is the entire township meeting video: http://www.westvincenttwp.org/images/all-videos/BOS%20Video%20082613.wmv It starts around 40 minutes into the video.

I implore you to watch the video. Listen to the audience after Ken Miller speaks, they caught what he said. 

Best wishes


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