The annual Equipment Rental and Labor bid award was made at the Monday, August 12, 2013 West Vincent Township meeting. Several weeks ago (July 8, 2013), two companies bids were opened pertaining to assisting the Road Crew with jobs around the township.

The Details of the two bids submitted are here:

which can also be found at: http://www.westvincenttwp.org/images/Minutes/BOS%20Minutes-07-08-13.pdf

One of the companies I believe you are all familiar with. DL Construction, formerly D&L Fleck, has been the favored contractor in the Miller regime for many years. I have written about this operation many times in the past, most recently that he no longer using his illegally operated location in the township on St Matthews Rd due to foreclosure. His other property on Rt 724 was also sold at foreclosure. His house is gone. Who knows what equipment he still has and two years ago I showed the Execution Sale that listed his tar pot (in the bid package) to be auctioned off! Since that time, I don't believe a single seam on his road repairs have been sealed with tar. That is where the freeze/thaw cycle will destroy the road in just s few years. Look at the gap in the middle of Hollow road. Wasn't there grass growing in part of the crevasse this summer?

The other company that bid has no such problems that I am aware of. It does have higher equipment rates, yet lower labor rates. We can all count on the West Vincent Supervisors to make the right decision so it should warm every readers heart to know that the award went to.....drum roll please........DL Construction!!!! That's right, Ladies and Gentlemen, the award went to a company whose Principal has been foreclosed on and is a homeless operation with worse than worse credit. A company proven to have no worker's compensation insurance for over a year! Anyone slightly familiar with my writings has seen my coverage on this issue. But don't worry, Ken Miller stated that the $10,000 check that the company gave for a Performance bond is still in the township's possession. The Performance bond required is to be 10% of the contracted price, which is easily calculated by looking at the bid. D&L 's total bid is $1059.50, times 300 hours for a grand total of $317,850. Bond required: $31,785.00, yet the bond check in the possession of the Township is $10,000. This is the same argument former Republican Committeeman Tom Helwig made two years ago and it fell of deaf ears by the Supervisors. The West Vincent Supervisors can't even follow their own requirements!  I wonder if the bank account the $10,000 check is drawn on even exists anymore? How did the Supervisors vote on this decision? UNANIMOUS. That's right, all three Supervisors; Ken MIller, Clare Quinn and David Brown all thought it was a good idea to award a bid to the homeless man.

And speaking of checks, where will the township send it's payment for work rendered by D&L Construction? No matter, I am sure that Ken will deliver it to them. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to get his cut.

Not all townships want to do the wrong thing, Neighboring West Pikeland used D&L Construction in the past, but knows a liability when it sees one. From the West Pikeland Minutes:

and here is the link to the document: http://www.westpikeland.com/pdf_files/board_of_supervisors/2013%20Agenda%20&%20Minutes/6-17-13-BOS%20Draft%20Minutes%20V2.pdf

D&L wasn't the cheapest bidder, but it's topsoil rate was 25% less. Since West Vincent PAYS to have ALL of their topsoil hauled to Cedar Hollow Recycling and you the residents just paid $29,580 in 34 days to dispose of the dirt from the largely expanded (past original plans) Blackhorse Road project,

maybe D&L can take it for free for their jobs? Perhaps that is why their price was lower for the W Pikeland bid.  A free supply, or maybe D&L would be paid by West Vincent to take the dirt?

And one final note, it has been brought to my attention that I now have a special place in Birchrunville. Immortalized in glass, the work is beautiful. Stop by and see it at the Birchrun Cafe, http://www.birchrunvillestorecafe.com/

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