Thank you for all of the responses on the "Anonymous" letter article. The difference between myself, an anonymous writer; and the "anonymous" donor is that I AM anonymous. In the donors case, the Township fabricated anonymity then dispersed that fabrication as truth. Oh wait, this IS West Vincent, so there is nothing out of the ordinary. I would ask again, as I have in the past so many times, do they ever tell the truth?

The next scheduled Township Meeting is Monday, July, 22. That would be the night the township would be awarding the Roads Maintenance Contract. There were 2 bidders. D&L Construction (perhaps you have heard of them) and Charlestown Paving. Take the evening off. The news today is that there is NO meeting that evening. Here is a screenshot of the West Vincent Home Page:

OK, so the notice states that "The next regular meeting will be August 12, 2013 at 7:30 PM.". The critical word is "regular". See the little calendar in the screenshot? Go to the www.westvincenttwp.org website and click on July 23 which is only one day after the canceled meeting headlined on the page.  Look what comes up (and in case its changed now that I have drawn attention to it, here another screenshot showing how it looks like right now). A "SPECIAL" Supervisor's meeting. Hmmmmmm. I consider that misleading. Why not just announce it at the top with the other township meeting news?  I recommend attending. Sounds as though it might be interesting.

In other news, Ken Miller has not yet mowed the spray fields he is contracted to do. Last year he had the first cut done in May. Matthews Meadows hasn't been cut yet! I wonder why not?
Perhaps his equipment in indisposed or not in his possession at the moment........or the last 2 months.  Certainly one would think he would want the money because it is tremendous pay. Whatever the reason, the obligation is not being fulfilled.  ALL the other townships in the area have cut their waste water fields.

Matthews Meadows in West Vincent

While I do not know what the maximum height is for West Vincent's design, the most common specification for maximum length of grass is 18". After exceeding maximum length, the township is liable for fines from the DEP. Who pays those fines?  I sure hope there is a State required performance bond in place to protect it's citizens from just such an incident.  Although of course West Vincent Township Administration likes to waive or minimize that requirement for friends.

Now, you may ask, why is there all that green, cut grass, even around the sprayhead?  I certainly asked that question, and to everyone I knew when I received the above information, and saw the above photo.  Eventually I received an amazing photo, and possible explanation.

Here is the photo.  Wow!  Isn't that pretty?

It seems the sprayheads need to have short grass in their immediate vicinity or they don't work.  If the sprayheads stop working we have a disaster on the way.  So it seems that probably Dave Gottier, a township employee, is working for the township to keep the sprayheads going.  He is working, paid by the township, to do some of the work that Ken Miller is contracted to do.  Thanks Dave!

But is there any good news?  There certainly is.  It is cheaper to pay Dave to do this than it is to pay Ken Miller on his contract!  That is, unless the township gets fined for not mowing the grass.

Best wishes


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