I have been reading the information supplied by the candidate's mailers and websites. I noticed an interesting page on John Jacobs website. It is a button on the first page, labeled “False Claims”. Apparently, campaigners for Ted Otteni are claiming that the Horse Show Association had plans to develop in circulation, and now those plans have "disappeared". As it turns out, the only plans are the Township's plans which clearly label it as developed as part of their “Strategic Vision Plan”. Every voter should read John's response. If people from Otteni's campaign team have told you this, this is a MUST READ:

www.votejacobs.com, click on the “False Claims” Button.

I also recommend that you watch the video on the Eminent Domain discussion in the Township building. It will remind everyone how the administration deals with the public:


The readers of my e-mails know that I watch the campaigns for Supervisor in West Vincent Township carefully. One thing I cannot tolerate is misrepresentation of the facts, or smear. Usually there is a kernel of truth to what is being stated, wrapped entirely by a fungus of fabrication. In campaigns, it is shear genius. Lie to the voter. When they discover what you said was untrue, the voter has already given you the most valuable possession he/she has in a free society when choosing their representation. Their vote.  This is no different than a con-man taking from your grandmother. It is the epitome of bad faith, disregard of trust and the foulest of maneuvers in the political playbook. Yet, lying to the voter, looking them in the eye and telling them something that is absolutely untrue in order to win is one of the most effective techniques used. Why? Because we, as voters, don't check facts. We listen to what the people campaigning say and then trust that whoever is talking is telling the truth. David Brown did this when he claimed his opponent had tax problems. That turned out to be untrue, but the now Supervisor David Brown had Tax Liens and in fact still had one listed against him while running for office. Brown won the election for Supervisor, thanks to his lying about the opponent. The video link below will explain what happened.


This is why I say, “Actions speak Louder than words”.

If you haven't seen it, www.westvincenttwp.com has a new look. Check it out.

Support John Jacobs to start cleaning up your township.  Election Day is TOMORROW, Tuesday May 21

Best wishes


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