During the 2011 Primary election, one of the Supervisor candidates, Maria Holderness stated that according to the latest reports by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, West Vincent Township had the highest per capita tax (per person) in Chester County. Candidates Kit Trolier and David Brown (now Supervisor Brown) insisted this was a untrue. They stated that Mrs. Holderness had to “tease” the numbers to make the claim work. See Attachment below. Some might remember that these two also proclaimed unfounded and untrue accusations about Candidates for Supervisor Malasics and Holderness not paying taxes on time. As it turned out, David Brown was the one that circumvented the government for so long that he had federal liens placed on him. I have written about this. Look at my website from 22 April, 2012, it lists all the information.  Here is the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q8zN_TNnV4

Sadly, Maria Holderness was correct. This is for all the taxes combined that the residents pay in a municipality. All of her information was supplied directly from a Commonwealth website. And the latest numbers apparently came out a few months ago. I just looked the other day and per the latest report, West Vincent is once again the highest per capita taxed township in Chester County, the wealthiest county in PA.


The only municipality higher than West Vincent Township is Malvern Borough. Boroughs and Cities normally provide much more in the way of services and infrastructure provided, therefore taxes tend to be higher. I guess the Supervisors of West Vincent feel that since you are so rich, they would have more of your money to squander. Yet they STILL had to borrow out money against a bond (they got the interest rate lowered and took the savings in a check AND borrowed more, to boot!) just to repair roads. How is that possible?

I submit to you the latest report from the Commonwealth of PA. The link to the website that holds this information is http://munstatspa.dced.state.pa.us/Reports.aspx and download the latest report.

It is a little tough to read so the way I charted the information was to take all of the Chester County information, removed all of the extraneous information (all good but not needed for this demonstration) and saved only the tax per capita and the total taxes of each municipality.

This is what I came up with. None of the numbers have been changed or altered in any way. Just categorized for ease of reading. The link will allow you to see the chart for the entire state and you may reproduce these results with Excel very easily to that see all of the information I provide is factual.

Here is a rate list of the adjoining townships:

West Pikeland: $489
E Nantmeal: $376
Upper Uwchlan: $349
East Vincent: $342
East Pikeland: $319
South Coventry: $213

Please note the West Vincent taxes per capita is $664 per person, or $132 more than South Coventry and East Pikeland, COMBINED!

Maria Holderness was correct when she campaigned and correct two years later!

Best wishes

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