Last week I told of how while you toil to pay your taxes, Ken Miller and his wife take them as subsidy payments. These payments are underwritten by the US Taxpayers. The word “Subsidies” is defined as: Economic benefit (such as a tax allowance or duty rebate) or financial aid (such as a cash grant or soft loan).  

For further information, here is an article explaining the Subsidy Program: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agricultural_subsidy#United_States which states, "Direct payment subsidies are provided without regard to the economic need of the recipients or the financial condition of the farm economy."

While Supervisor Ken Miller plays like the poor farmer, he is sharp with his real estate dealings and making lots of money, more money than many of the residents of West Vincent would be lucky to make in a decade, let alone in a single transaction.

All of the documentation for the information below is attached to this e-mail and came from Chester County, readily available to the public.

During a multi-year real estate project taking place over several years in the mid-late 1990's headed by (at the time Supervisor) Zoe Perkins, a farm on Davis Lane was prepared to be sold off in parcels to local people. Coincidently, in 1998 the Transferrable Development Rights policy was drafted and put into effect in 1999 for the 1998 West Vincent Township zoning (the 1998 Zoning was actually adopted December 28 1998 and became law 5 days after adoption, in 1999). A policy that was adopted by the Supervisors of the Township, two of which are mentioned in this paragraph. Think "Insider Trading".

After Transferrable Development Rights were legislated into West Vincent Township, farmer Ken saw real value in this property, and it was for planting money seeds. August 9, 1999 Ken Miller borrowed the money from a friend and purchased a 25 acre parcel of this farm on Davis Lane “for a price that a farmer could afford”. What was that price for 25 acres? $325,156.00 (attachment 1, bottom line).

On December 11, 2003, he cashed in the Transferrable Development Rights on that 25 acre parcel to a Developer in the Township (remember Pam Brown got those and put a house on preserved land against the restrictions?) and received $300,000 (attachment 2). This made his total purchase for the 25 acres $25,156.00.

Two years after the TDR's were sold, Ken's lender, the founder of French and Pickering Conservation Trust, had to file suit against him to get paid for a debt of $118,068.78.

Steve Siana represented Ken Miller. (attachment 3)

On April 6, 2006, Ken Miller then SOLD the land at a price a farmer couldn't afford ($800,000) making a total PROFIT (TDR sale plus Sale of Land) of $774,844. SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND, EIGHT HUNDRED FORTY FOUR DOLLARS.....PROFIT. All of this was done in 5 years (attachment 1, second line from bottom). He still farms it to this day.

Is that all you have, you may ask. Thank you for asking. The answer is NO. In that same period of time, Kenneth I Miller Jr was selling his Transferrable Development Rights on his personal farm to the same developer that purchased the 25 acre farm TDR's. On 12/11/2003, Ken Miller received $696,000 in exchange for the Development Rights from Toll Brothers/ Orleans. (attachment 4). In one day, his total receipt for the combined sales of TDR's was $996,000.00. Almost ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

So what is Ken Miller's, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Road Master of West Vincent Township total real estate financial intake in 68 months? $1,470,844. Almost A MILLION AND A HALF DOLLARS. Not bad for a poor farmer. Of course, this doesn't include the $183,060 he has picked up from Federal Subsidies paid for with your tax money along the way. (See part 1 from last week)

Bravo for Ken Miller. He's made great money, and I don't have a problem with making money. We now know that in those 6 years, he made over $245,140 per year BEFORE revenues from his farm (which is unknown) BUT earnings from the township recently has been approx. $21000 (field mowing), approx. $25000 (Road Master), approx. $18000 (Health Insurance for the entire family) and $1875 (Supervisor salary) for a total take of around $65875.

Yet he can't pay his bills? I have previously shown he has a history for the last 20 years of not paying his bills, even while earning all that money. Another debt just came out for Ken Miller sticking a dairy supply company for $29,630 (attachment 5). Land O Lakes, the people that buy his milk, are owed $18,672.89 (attachment 6). Ken still owes a straw supply company $2678.83 (attachment 7). He still owes the Commonwealth of PA $27992.98 (attachment 8) for a total of $78974.70.

Get those taxes on by Monday. I am sure there are more taxpayer funded subsidies that Ken Miller deserves while he runs the Township finances.

P.S. I see there was one bidder to mow the spray fields of West Vincent. Kenneth Miller. The bid opening is on new video for the meetings on the township website. Strange view but the audio is finally good.

Best wishes

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