Yesterday I was reviewing a township meeting video (1-28-13). There was a discussion about the new look of the West Vincent Township website. A question was posed wondering if the website is easier or more difficult to navigate. Manager Jim Wendelgass said it was just different. Different? It is definitely different. 

So, to be fair, let's do a little test. Set your stop watch and see how you do. Look at the 2011 listing and locate the meeting of February 7, click on it and view the minutes. How long did it take?

2012 was set up originally the same as 2011 but has since been altered to the new style.

Compare that format to the look of 2013:

OK, now do the same for the February 11, 2013 Supervisors Meeting. Click on Reports (since the minutes have not yet been approved) and when the Reports page opens, click your stopwatch. How long did it take?

On second thoughts, don't bother with your stopwatch.  If you are as dim as I am you would probably have time to order AND drink a coffee  at Tacie's http://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/tacies-cafe-and-bakery-pottstown  in the time it takes to get the hang of the new system.

This format is an intentional design to thwart and frustrate anyone looking for information. You, the taxpayer, finance this "Different" mess.

In other news, there will be a Sustainability Fair at the West Vincent Elementary School on March 16. The description is as follows: "The purpose of the Fair is to show residents how we can live a little bit more sustainably. We will be demonstrating small actions that each of us can take to help reach our community goals while saving money and even having  fun! Taken together those small actions can have a very big impact." You be the judge. I think it is free. 

Best wishes


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