Looking through the West Vincent Township website, I noticed the following:

3 months and 3 weeks after the bids were accepted for snowplowing, the minutes for the September 24, 2012 West Vincent Township meeting were finally approved (on January 14, 2013). Almost 4 months to approve Minutes? 4 MONTHS? Why would it take so long to publish these particular minutes? Because the Supervisors wouldn't want the public to know who was awarded the bid for as long as possible. Who was the winning and ONLY bidder? The company I predicted, D and L Construction (DL Fleck).  The bidding looked like this according to the minutes:

Snow and Ice Removal Bid for 2012-13
One bid was received from D & L Construction LLC, PO Box 893 Kimberton, PA 19442. Ms. Quinn made the motion that D & L Construction LLC be awarded the Snow and Ice Removal Bid as listed in their bid:
Bid amount
Single Axle Dump Truck #1 33,000-38,000 GVW with plow and spreader
Single Axle Dump Truck #2 33,000-38,000 GVW with plow and spreader
4x4 Pickup truck with 8’ plow
4x4 Backhoe (min. 1.0 cu yard)
Mr. Brown seconded the motion. There was no public comment and the motion carried unanimously.

The link to the minutes is: http://westvincenttwp.org/images/Minutes/09-24-12%20BOS%20Minutes.pdf

The Township of West Vincent knowingly awarded the contract to D & L Construction,  the company that operates against a Chester County Court Order to Cease and Desist from operating a Commercial business in a Residential area. The enforcement must come from the Township and that has not happened. Instead, DL Construction is rewarded by being the contractor that gets the road work and snowplowing contracts in West Vincent Township. Yes, DL Construction did bid for the job. Yes, DL Construction were the ONLY ones. It seems all the contractors in the area know that if they bid there will be problems for them so it is easier to not bid than to challenge this issue.  I have reported and demonstrated that this contractor has been awarded contracts without the proper bonding amounts in escrow. I have reported that operator is financially unstable and could potentially fail at any time. Now, the Principals are moving closer to disaster and leaving the township in the lurch. It seems that the money is still due (almost $30,000) the Commonwealth of PA Bureau of Compliance and bank repossession looming for the property (1946 St Matthews Rd listed as residential in the legal paperwork) where all the equipment is kept. Paying Customers Bank the judgment owed of $1,027,436.31 would resolve one problem. There is also the commercial property listed (3827 Schuylkill Rd) that is in foreclosure that has a judgment of $1,034,774.47 placed on it from Customers Bank. Plus smaller judgements from credit card companies. How much longer can he be bonded and insured, or is he? 

Do other local governments hire contractors while ignoring history and instability/credit issues? Why would a Township put itself at such risk? There must be some benefit.

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