West Vincent is looking for a new(er) tractor for the fleet of equipment in the Roads Department. Here is the bid package for the tractor: http://westvincenttwp.org/images/docs/John%20Deere%20Mower%20Tractor%20Bid.pdf

Here are the SPECIFICATIONS from that bid package:

The property to be purchased pursuant to the instant bid shall consist of furnishing and delivering to the Township a Used (2010 or newer) John Deere 6430 Tractor, Tiger SL Loader W/84 and Tiger Brute Mower TRB-50-CLRS W/50, or equivalent, in good repair and condition. The Tractor shall have no more than 500 hours of use at the time of purchase. The bid should include pricing and all applicable terms for the purchase by the Township of the Tractor. The date of delivery shall be no later than March 1, 2013, unless extended by the Township.


1. John Deere Model 6430 Tractor
2. Premium Cab with command center
3. Infinitely Variable Transmission, Power Assisted 3-Speed Shiftable PTO
4. Beacon Lighting
5. Adjustable rear wheels
6. Air comfort seat D63C Air S.
7. E-ICV 2 Functional and Loader Package
8. MFWD Front Axle
9. 4 Wheel Drive
10. New radial tires (rear tire being 16.9 x 34 inches)(front tire being 13.6 x 30 inches)
11. 36 month, 2,000 hour powertrain warranty


1. Tiger Model 5211
2. Lift Height to Pivot Pin 136”
3. Lift Capacity at maximum height: 4835 lbs.
4. Dump Angle @ maximum height: 60 degrees
5. Rollback Angle @ maximum: 37 degrees
6. Breakout Force @ Cutting Edge: 6405 lbs.
7. ASAE S301.3 Standard at Pivot Pin @ 2830 PSI

SPECIFICATIONS FOR MOWER (or the equivalent):

1. Tiger Brute TRB-50-CLRS
2. Boom Reach Out: 23’
3. Boom Reach Up: 19’ 9 4. 50” Flail with Brush or Grass knives up to 4” diameter
5. Electric Joystick Control
6. 22” ditcher
7. Self-contained hydraulic circuit cutter head

I think the only thing the Roadmaster forgot is to include the serial number of the tractor he already has picked out at the dealer that has it in inventory. How strange would it be that there would be a used tractor that would have all of these attachments on it and be ready to go. This is so specific that it most likely negates any other manufacturer from being able to supply the same thing, rendering the competition's equipment ineligible for this bid. I'll go as far as to make a guess at who wins the bid on this tractor tonight at 7:30 pm. Like betting on the SuperBowl, I am going to say that the only bid will come from Stephenson Equipment. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right. Let's see.

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