I am very pleased to be able to write that the agenda for the West Vincent Township Supervisors Meeting for January 14, 2013 listed the following:

9. Letter from PA Department of Economic Community and Economic Development stating that West Vincent Township Building Department is in full compliance for remitting permit fees

Certainly, that's good news.

But unfortunately in the Roads Department, we have the entire opposite situation.

As the Road Projects continue in West Vincent, I thought that the public should see how the public funds are mis-managed. This is not an opinion of mine. This is from the most current 3 year audit report by the Auditor General concerning Liquid Fuels Tax Fund of West Vincent Township. What is Liquid Fuels Tax? That is the tax paid at the pump when you purchase fuel. That money goes into an account and each year townships are paid a certain amount per mile for maintenance, repair and rebuilding of roads.

As with all government money, it comes with strings. This would include requirements for what and how the money can be spent, reports that must be submitted as well as seeking approval from PennDot on certain types of jobs. Who knows those requirements better than the Roadmaster, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Ken Miller?
Here is a link to the entire report: http://www.auditorgen.state.pa.us/Reports/County/LiqFuels/ctyWestVincentTwpChester011411.pdf   I show below a few pages from the above report with the important areas marked but first here are some highlights:

Failure to Obtain Project Approval
, spending $344,574.57 without the permission of the Commonwealth.
Liquid Fuels Money OVEREXPENDED on Project, totaling $58,593.70
Late Receipt of Allocations, this was due to late filing by the Township every year by at least 30 days past the required time.

The Audit Report is for 3 years and the Township submitted reports which were late every year. $403,168 was spent in unauthorized funds over a three year period. This means that West Vincent Township spent $134,389 in State Funding without permission EACH YEAR! This is $88.27 for every man, woman and child in West Vincent Township, spent without approval.

Then, you might ask, how come they are still able to spend these monies if they are not approved?  West Vincent Township is paid automatically in a lump sum for all the roads it has once the initial documentation for funding is submitted. That money goes into a Township bank account for road repairs throughout the year.  It's the system. Enforcement is an entirely different department from payments.   To recover those payments made incorrectly (by the Township) the State would need to take additional steps to force the issue. Roadmaster and Chairman of the Supervisors Ken Miller knows this well. It's called running the system. These controls and checks are put in place for the good of all citizens and to circumvent them in this way is simply not ethical.

Why would Projects that required prior approval not be submitted?  If the Projects were submitted for review as required by law, the materials used and costs would be scrutinized by the State, preventing wasteful spending and the potential for routing of funds to places where the money should not go.

The next audit for West Vincent Township is due in 2013. It should be interesting to see what is discovered about the way things are done. My suspicion is that nothing has changed with the way the Township and Ken Miller are doing business. However we must wait about 6-8 months after the audit is conducted for the report to be published.

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