A New Year. Time to start fresh, make changes, turn over a new leaf. How has West Vincent started the year. I see that the Township had it's reorganization meeting. That meeting is the one where rates are set for certain expenses, all committees are re-established with members, salaries are set and a host of other little jobs are performed as required by the Second Class Township Code. Here is the Agenda:

West Vincent Township Board of Supervisors: Reorganization Meeting Agenda
January 7, 2013 7:30 PM

1. Election of Temporary Chairperson until permanent election
2. Election of Temporary Secretary until permanent appointment
3. Election of Chairperson
4. Election of Vice Chairperson
5. 2013 Appointments
6. 2013 Meeting Schedule
7. Approval of Treasurer’s Bond
8. Resolution 1-2013: Establishing the area of responsibility for police, fire, rescue and ambulance
9. Resolution 2-2013: Township Manager Compensation
10. Resolution 3-2013: West Vincent Township Fee Schedule
11. Resolution 4-2013: Rate of mileage reimbursement
12. Resolution 5-2013 Appointment of Certified Public Accountant

Jim Wendelgass received his raise, right on time, now pushing his BASE salary to $105,335. According to the adopted budget which is written by the Township Manager, the Township Manager salary was budgeted for $105,360. For the first time in many years, the budget was HIGHER (by $25) instead of lower than what he received. Yet in the past, he had a 5 year contract that specifically listed his pay increase. Which leads me to the next part.  I am not often wrong, but when I am, I chicken-up and admit it. I have been saying for a long time that Jim Wendelgass receives a 3% raise every year. I was wrong and I apologize. It is 3.5%, so I was under-reporting his automatic salary increase.

Speaking of raises, in our bad economy it is lucrative to work for West Vincent Township. I understand Ken Miller received a 2% raise for his part time job as Roadmaster. It has been stated that MIller spends about 20 hours per week but since there is no time card requirement, that claim would be difficult to prove, wouldn't it? His salary for the part time job is now $25,362 Plus a full insurance package for his entire family. Since the cost is not broken down per person, historically this is how it breaks down. Ken Miller receives about 50% and the 4 roadworkers received 12.5% each of the Health Insurance budget specifically for the Roads Department. Total budgeted amount for the Roads Dept is $46,000 Health and $2400 Dental, total $48, 200. This calculates to $24,200 for Miller and Family. How accurate this number is depends upon how much one would trust the budget.  Of course, speaking of Health Insurance, according to the budget (http://www.westvincenttwp.org/images/docs/2013%20Approved%20Budget.pdf) Supervisor Clare Quinn is taking almost $1 from every man, woman and child ($4300) in West Vincent Township in just her health coverage for 2013, a penalty the residents receive because she lost her job for trying to take the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show grounds. But you don't mind, do you?

Back to Township Manager Jim Wendelgass. Below is a copy of his contract with West Vincent. It expired at midnight January 1, 2013. I wonder what the new one is going to look like? His address is blacked out but whitepages.com places him at 2495 Malehorn Rd, Chester Springs, PA. Please read the second "WHEREAS" out loud. If you have been following my writings for the last 2 years and 6 months, the first two lines will split your stomach with laughter. As for the New year and starting fresh in West Vincent, I guess not. Same old rot.

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