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Great advice, but some is not quite true.  I’ve had an unfortunate long history with pipelines.  I’m 1-1-1 in my dealings with them.  My last one was a win because I learned from the other 2.


It’s important that ANYONE affected by the pipeline file as an “intervener” with FERC (and that can be in the vicinity of the line, not directly affected).  If you’re reasonable late, you can file a Motion to Intervene OUT-OF-TIME too. They can deny you, but that would be very rare if you have standing.


The more people that sign up, the more the pipelines have to address the issues raised. FERC does read every one of them and you’ll see comments on them in their reports.


The look for protected land to run through because it’s the cheapest to buy through Eminent Domain (ED) since it’s priced AS USED when it comes to valuation. If you have land that is sub dividable, my advice is to hire an engineering firm to draw up a plan BEFORE they process the ED request and shake up the township with that.  A day after the ED filing, and it’s too late. A couple $1000 spent may mean 10’s of 1000’s saved, or the pipeline re-routed around you. Also make the pipeline and FERC aware of any intended improvement plans that are in your (pardon the pun) pipeline through the intervener process.


On point to underscore, THE LAND BUYERS/AGENTS WILL LIE TO YOU WITH BOLD FACED LIES!!  Get anything they say to you in WRITING.   I will no longer discuss anything with them. All requests and proposals MUST be made in WRITING. No exceptions. You have no recourse if it’s not in writing and part of your Agreement.


Also, do NOT sign anything they give you prior to ED declaration!!! (unless your lawyer approves it.)   I can’t stress this enough! Also, insist on a time limit for construction on your property. Most do not do this, so they can come on your property for YEARS with no compensation. Discuss parking, staging, notification and work times and of course, most of all the compensation you’ll receive and the improvement/repair to the property when finished.


Be proactive, or be screwed. It’s up to you.  Don’t depend on the township to do anything for you. They get money from the pipeline for the permits and sometimes taxes paid on labor, plus it brings business to the businesses in the township. (And only God knows what other “perks” may be in it for them!)


However, when it’s all said and done, these lines will likely go through. Make sure you get what’s yours through careful negotiations, and get paid for anything you lose from their profiteering. Team with neighbors and share ideas and FERC filing ideas.  It’s a lot of work.


Good luck.

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