A subscriber forwarded on to me the e-mail below. After the issues West Vincent has had in the recent past with a pipeline attempt, it looks like another one is on the horizon and more likely than the first. The e-mail forwarded to me mentions Ludwigs Corner so there may be many people involved. The Weatherstone community looks like it would be affected by a potential route. There was a meeting about this issue at the Warwick Township building last month and another one is scheduled for January 9 according to this e-mail. You may want to attend to discover how it affects you, your family, your property (and its value) and your township.

While there is nothing about the potential pipeline on the West Vincent Township website, you can find out the results of the Turkey Trot for both the Children and Adult class. Isn't it strange that West Vincent Township Manager Jim Wendelgass spoke as an expert at the last pipeline meeting yet doesn't feel this issue is important enough to notify the public of his own township? For that matter, one would have thought that the environmentally sensitive Supervisors, especially Clare Quinn (former Executive Director of the French and Pickering Conservation Trust) would have requested a posting on the West Vincent Township website. Well,  they claim to be environmentalists.....but only when it suits them.

Here is the e-mail I received:
"Hi Everyone,
Some of you have been to the last meeting about the plan to put a natural gas lines through our area, but many of  you probably have not heard about it.  I'm sure that you have heard about the fracking taking place in upstate PA.  There is a plan to bring that gas to various markets through a series of pipelines, compressor stations -( 3 every 120 miles), etc. through our area- including areas protected through land easements.  Amy Shenk has done a fantastic job getting a group of experienced and very helpful people together to help us fight this thing. She has recruited the Delaware Riverkeepers, Berks Gas Truth, and township supervisors who have dealt with gas pipeline executives before. We need people to be informed. Once you know what is going on and what it will do to our countryside and our communities I feel that people will want to be involved in the protest. The pipelines are scheduled to go through many of the ecologically sensitive areas that many people have spent years working to protect: The Big Woods of French Creek State Park, the north and south branches of the French Creek, Rock Run Creek, and the Beaver Run as well.  What the experts tell us is that we need as many people as possible to be involved in our rejection of their proposed route.
The tactics being used by the pipeline people are very heavy handed.  Be aware that the notification that they send to inform people that their land is up for condemnation comes through the mail (NOT REGISTERED).  I am told that the notice can look like junk mail so be sure to carefully check your mail.  After receiving the notice you have exactly 30 days to launch a protest.  After that you have no say in the matter.  They will tell you anything to accomplish their goals.   The company representatives have informed people that they really have no say in the matter- that the pipeline company is holding all of the cards.  The plan is to send notices sometime in this 2013 new year.  Until we receive those notices there is no direct action that we can take except to be ready.  They have scheduled the second quarter to get rolling. We have to be sure to take this time to prepare.  Please forward this to as many friends, and local groups, as you can.  We need a united front to combat this.
If you look at the site www.gastruth.org and then click on Commonwealth Pipeline Meeting — Please Support Our Neighbors in Elverson you will see a map of the general proposed area where they plan to go.  We are told that they will hook up with the gas tank area at the base of Black Horse Hill off of Route 100.  It will go through Ludwig's Corner and through surrounding townships.  It goes on up into Berks County.  It will go through our areas of eased, protected land.  Pictures of what they do is like looking at an area where the big power lines go through. They need a lot of width to maintain the lines.  These lines can explode and do, although it doesn't make the national news.
 Please help in any way that you can by spreading the word (feel free to forward this email), join the protect19465@gmail.com email group by writing to Amy Shenk there to have your email address included, and come to the meeting (see below) to learn more from the experts.
Thank you!
Jane Street

From Amy Shenk
Hi Everyone,
I hope this email finds you relaxed and rejuvenated in preparation for a New Year.

I am sending this to let you know there will be a Pipeline Strategy Meeting on January 9th, at the Warwick Township Building, at 7:00 pm, for anyone interested in helping to decide our plan of action.  The experts will be attending to assist us with this.  If you would kindly RSVP to me to let me know if you intend to come, that would help in determining how many people we should expect.

Please do not park in the grass at the township building.  There is ample parking behind the building, with lights.  Thank you!

Amy Shenk

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