As you know, I don't do National Politics..........Happy New Year notwithstanding!

After my last e-mail about the Birchrun Schoolhouse property being sold without deed restriction, this vintage ad was forwarded to me. Look at the lower lefthand corner description, how the Auctioneer described the viability of the property. Where would the auctioneer come up with such valuable information such as "The Township has changed the zoning"  allowing the commercial use of the property. The words "has changed" indicates an action in the recent past. Otherwise it would have read "the property is zoned..."  Changed zoning? That means the Supervisors at that time (Clare Quinn, Ken Miller and Zoe Perkins) first made a pre-planned effort to change the zoning to allow commercial uses and then sold the property with the higher value zoning? So it wasn't enough that the property wasn't deed restricted, they took the time to zone it to be exploited. Then the Supervisors fall on a sword as victims, claiming that there is nothing they can do, the zoning allows it. The zoning they created just prior to the sale.

Take note of the sheds that are advertised on the property (bottom right hand corner of the advertisement). It seems to me that those were built as temporary structures and were to be removed when the township sold the property. They were NOT permanent structures yet they still stand to this day. Why hasn't the township Zoning Officer enforced that requirement?

I think I've said enough.

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