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County’s Health Department issues ‘raw milk’ warning
December 10, 2012
News release: Kimberton Whole Foods products linked to stomach problems

An alert is being issued by the Chester County Health Department,
which said an an increase of severe gastroenteric symptoms among
persons who drank raw milk supplied by Kimberton Farms Dairy.

The distributor, Kimberton Whole Foods, has removed raw milk products
packaged by Kimberton Farms Dairy (also known as Camp Hill Village or
Kimberton Hills) from its Kimberton and Downingtown stores, said a
news release from the Chester County Health Department.
See http://www.unionvilletimes.com/?p=12849 and http://www.chesco.org/DocumentCenter/View/9499

Please note that this is also the Camphill Village Kimberton Hills location where the famous Ken Miller Birchrun Hills Cheese is produced. 

From the Birchrun Hills website:
"The Millers offer handcrafted raw milk cheese. Cheeses featured are: Birchrun Blue, a raw milk natural rind semi-soft cheese that is rich and creamy with delicate blue flavors; Equinox; our own Fat Cat cheese, both earthy and tangy with a grassy finish and Red Cat. Seasonal and fresh cheese are available all year."

I do not know if there is a connection other than co-location of the dairy in question and the production facilities of Birchrun Hills cheese but
in any case you are unlikely to read this warning on the West Vincent Township website. As you make your purchases for the Christmas season be forewarned. Bloody stool and abdominal pain is no way to celebrate the holidays!

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