I left Part one revealing the relationship Clare Quinn denies having with a large property owner in West Vincent Township. Yet she did not recuse herself from voting on a zoning change that would only currently affect that particular property. Let's continue on the subject of that particular zoning and how it affects the Township, it's residents and the misrepresentation by the Township administration.

Here is the link to the West Vincent Township Zoning Ordinance. 

Don't just believe my references, just look for yourself after reading what I have researched. I even give you the pages to go to.

What is allowed on the UDA (taken directly from the ordinance book Page 201): Section 1853A.

1. Residential uses, including but not limited to single family detached, single family semi-detached, multiple-family, single-family garden lot development and attached garden lots as described in Section 1854 and subject to the standards therein;
2. Office Park Uses as described in Section 1855 and subject to the standards therein;
3. Farmstead Uses as described in Section 1857 and subject to the restrictions therein; and
4. Any use permitted by the existing underlying Zoning District to which the tract is subject.
Furthermore, the UDA requires that 75% of the development be residential (Page 200, Section 1852) and the remaining 25% be “non-residential”, which is a way of masking the true intent. What is allowed instead of residential in the UDA? Farmstead OR office park. Which do you think will make a developer more money?

So what is Office Park? This is taken from Page 212, Section 1855:
The following Office Park Uses may be approved by the Board of Supervisors as a component of
a Master Development Plan subject to compliance with the following regulations.
A. Office Park Use Regulations
1. The following uses shall be permitted in the areas of the UDA designated on the
Master Development Plan for Office Park Uses:
a. Offices or office building for administrative, executive and professional activity, and similar activities involving the performance or rendering of professional services, such as financial institution, mortician, the sale of real estate and business office including the showing of samples, sale promotion and demonstration of equipment, provided, however, that no merchandise shall be warehoused on the premises for sale, exchange or delivery thereon, and further provided that nothing herein preclude sales or manufacturer’s representatives from arranging for the sale of merchandise manufactured, fabricated or warehoused at, or delivered to, locations outside of the UDA.
b. Hotel and/or conference center;
c. Restaurant, cafeteria or recreational facilities, all of which shall be designed for the comfort and convenience of employees and all of which shall not be offered for use by the general public;
d. Places of worship, Churches and Religious Institutions, being further subject to compliance with Zoning Ordinance Section 2210;
e. Public uses, structures or buildings owned, operated or subsidized by the Township, a Municipal Authority organized by the Township, an Authority of which the Township is a member, or the County, including libraries;
f. Educational uses, being further subject to compliance with Zoning Ordinance Section 2210;
g. Recreational facilities containing amenities such as a golf course, swimming pool, spa, indoor track, weight-lifting equipment, handball courts and facilities typical of a YMCA facility;
h. Day care centers accessory to principal uses;
i. Accessory uses, structures or buildings, provided such are clearly incidental to the principal use.

Where is the Dietrich (Bryn Coed) property? Drive St Matthews Road towards Kimberton. Look to your right just after Miller Rd (also to your left just after Schoolhouse). Keep looking to your right all the way to Flint Road. Most of the open property, all the way into West Pikeland Township! It is over 1000 acres. An office complex would look great there, don't you think? No, better than that, a Hotel/Conference Center! YES! PERFECT! St Matthews Rd can handle that traffic, no problem. Now that I am thinking about it, this sounds somewhat similar to the plan that Wallace Township Board had in front of it at the Greenfield location for a resort near Marsh Creek State Park. Hotel Conference Center. Golf Course. Homes. Well, at least it will be zoned properly.

This must be fairly important to protect the zoning changes to help someone (or some people) out. For example, Clare Quinn and Township Attorney Steve Siana felt the need to mislead the public on the uses allowed in the UDA.

What was said to mislead and misrepresent the zoning to the residents of the Township? Did I find where Clare really lives? Coming up next.

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