In my submission dated 10/17/2012 “Transparency Withdrawn”, which can be seen on my website, I included a link to a Chester County Ramblings post from October 15, 2012:


I noticed an interesting comment made in that blog, which stated, “So Tacie’s is owned by Coventry Enterprises LLC whose address tags back to Clare Quinn if that where she actually lives ?”. I thought this was a strange comment to make and thought some research should be performed.

It seems that Clare Quinn lived at 1035 Davis Lane, which she and her significant other owned together (until just a few months ago when she signed a quit claim deed). Five or so years ago, Clare moved to 1342 Art School Rd, owned by the Dietrich Family (Bryn Coed Farm). Later, she started using the address of 1880 Flint Rd owned by the Dietrich Family (Bryn Coed Farm), which she also registered her new business to. She can't live at 1342 Art School now as it was sold in the Summer of 2012 and was seen moving out of it. I cannot find evidence that she moved to 1880 Flint Rd other than address changes.  I found this information very interesting because it jogged my memory about the West Vincent minutes. Here's why.

In 2011, West Vincent was changing their Zoning and I questioned in my submission of December 11, 2011 the following statement:

Another observation. #9 I find interesting. I can't help but think this section is being changed to accommodate something in the works behind the scenes. Could, perhaps, the Deitrich Estate on St Matthews Rd (1000 acres+) be getting ready to fall to development? The rumors are flying out there.  #9 pertains to only large tracts of land being developed and there are very few left in West Vincent Township. In order to read more about Unified Development Area District, click on this link, http://www.westvincenttwp.org/misc_docs/2010%20Zoning%20Ordinance.pdf (it takes a while to load, be patient) and go to page 193.

Please Note: Currently, the ONLY tract of land in West Vincent Township that is affected by the UDA (Unified Development Area) is the Bryn Coed Farm (the Dietrich Estate). Yet, a review of the West Vincent December 5, 2011 minutes (just one week before my statement) http://www.westvincenttwp.org/images/Minutes/BOS%2012-5-11.pdf during the time of the zoning change of the Unified Development Area holds this information:

Chris Peeples 1611 Kimberton Road Tax Parcel 25-8-22 stated that he had heard that the Board was talking to with Toll Bros and others regarding Bryn Coed (and that) Ms Quinn had a relationship with the owners of Bryn Coed. He asked if these things were true. Ms Quinn replied that they were not.

Clare has indeed had a long term relationship with the owners of Bryn Coed as she has lived on that very property in at least one house for several years. Once again, Clare simply cannot tell the truth. Is it that she thinks she won't get caught? So, while the zoning was being reviewed and later changed by the Board of Supervisors, Clare chose to vote, instead of abstaining, misleading the public by PUBLICLY stating she had no relationship with the very people that owned her residence(s). I'm not going to delve into her time she worked for the company. Let's continue about the UDA, the hearing to alter it, and what was told to the public.

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