I was recently performing comparisons of municipalities. I made some very interesting discoveries. For example, this excerpt is from the SEPTEMBER 17 WEST PIKELAND TOWNSHIP MINUTES. Please read it in it entirety.

Consideration of Snow Removal Quotes

Mr. Visoskas announced that advertisements for quotes for snow removal equipment and operators were published in the Daily Local News and Lancaster Farming News and 20 firms and individuals were contacted via phone and mail. The following quotes were received:

9-17-12-Draft BOS Minutes V3 Page 2


Quote #1(Medium Dump)

Quote #2(Small Dump)

Quote #3(Pick-up)

Sarmento and Sons

$140 per hour

$90 per hour


Green Ridge

Landscaping, Inc.

$125 per hour

$100 per hour

$90 per hour

D and L


$115.50 per hour

$90 per hour

$80 per hour

Mr. Tucker made a motion to award the quotes submitted by Sarmento and Sons and Green Ridge Landscaping Inc. for the October 16, 2012 to May 31, 2013 snow removal season. Mr. Hallman III seconded the motion. Bill White stated the he and several other individuals accomplished snow removal using the Township Equipment and asked if that program is still being considered and also expressed his concern regarding who is going to manage and oversee the contracted personnel. Mr. Visoskas stated that the next agenda item will be the Public Works Study Report and such items will then be discussed. After no further discussion the motion carried with all voting Aye.

West Pikeland selected the more expensive contractors for a reason. I note that they did NOT select the lowest bid which was from D&L Construction (the West Vincent contractor that always wins the bids for roadwork and snow removal in West Vincent Township).  I was going to say, I wonder why but on second thoughts I know why they didn't choose D&L, but I wonder why WVT choose D & L Construction?

I have covered issues with the contractor formerly known as DL Fleck, now D&L Construction. For example, the operation is run from a property on St Matthews road against a COURT ORDER to cease and desist the location. Yet West Vincent Township refuses to enforce this order. I posted the information on September 17, 18 and 19, 2011. I have demonstrated the debt burden and defaults (including non-returns of rentals for months at a time) of the same company, followed by the Execution Sales and Court rulings.

Following are more documents to show that things are getting worse for D & L Construction, creating an even larger risk and liability for the taxpayers of West Vincent. These include:

Customer's Bank Default Judgment on 8/13/2012 of the Residential Property where D&L Construction operates illegally. $1, 034,774..77. Over ONE MILLION dollars.

Commonwealth of PA Bureau of Compliance Judgement of $29,771.18.

USA/IRS Federal Tax Lien of $63,219.41 on 10/10/2012. It was withdrawn on 10/26/2012. There are no details as to why.

There is one document that shows Kenneth Fleck was served papers at a WaWa Parking lot!  I guess they had trouble finding him.

How does a contractor get any Municipal Job when he owes the government money, especially since 2007? Perhaps the better question is WHY? And why are there none or only one competing bid in West Vincent Township for these lucrative jobs when other townships typically get more? Even Little West Pikeland received 3 bids for snow removal. Attached are some supporting PUBLIC documents. 

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Here are the documents:

1. Default judgment over $1 million, plus many others including the withdrawn $63,219 Tax Lien

2. Commonwealth of PA Bureau of Compliance Judgment of $29,771.18.

3. Another Judgment $18,460.71

4. Service at Wawa parking lot