I said I would try to slow down and I thought it was a successful attempt. It seems it was just not possible I managed for just a few weeks. I am sorry but there is a lot of reading for you.  Please follow up on the links, they are important too.  Really important.

There are certain things that are timely news events and here is one from the Daily Local on Thursday. October 11th. This is an article looks to be about the Monday, October 8th West Vincent Township Meeting.  

Please read the article linked above.

This policy was adopted in order to give the citizens of West Vincent notice of anything the Supervisors were making a decision on. It looks as though Clare Quinn, one of the masterminds behind that policy, now feels it is time to start withdrawing the added transparency as it has been in place long enough.   The original policy document, now rescinded, is shown here.

(I have in the past reported Supervisors did the same thing with the Zoning Officer's long time requirement to inventory non-conforming property uses within the township. Due to the negligence of the ZO, the Supervisors resolved the issue by switching the burden of proof to the owner of the property, removed the requirement and increased her salary (again) at the beginning of the year.)

Is Junior Supervisor David Brown really working to protect and inform West Vincent citizens? He seems to be asking, does the public REALLY need information on things the administration is planning on doing? Go back to sleep, pay your taxes and trust these elected officials. NOT!

Watch the video conversation about this subject between 27:55 and 30:00 minutes:


How long will it be before they remove the camera(s) from the meetings?

Also, this just in:


It looks like Chester County Ramblings has lightened my load (thank you) by reporting on Supervisor Clare Quinn and her latest business endeavor. An interesting read. Don't miss it whatever you do! There is one correction though to Chester County Ramblings. There are two old roads scheduled for blacktop in West Vincent, a part of Kimberton Rd and a part of Nantmeal Rd.  But Roadmaster and Supervisor Ken Miller knows there are more votes influenced per mile by repaving roads, that look to be in much better shape, but which are located in developments.

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