Since it is October, the  West Vincent Township 2012 Budget must be readied soon.

While there are many interesting issues as to departments and allotments of funds, one that I have spoken about several times previously is the legal bills. I thought I would perform a quick review of the legal bills to date from the Township attorney, Siana, Bellwoar and McAndrew, LLP. All but one of these calculations come from DRAFT Bills List, , not the APPROVED Bills List, simply because the township does not supply the APPROVED version, except in one instance. Therefore, accuracy is dependent upon what is supplied by the website.

These are the legal bills for this year, up to now:

1/16: $26132.38

2/13: $11819.40

3/12: $14215.56

4/20: $8117.82

5/14: $8354.62

6/11: $4521.86

7/20: $1408.56

8/10: $582.00

9/07: $1914.30

10/5: $3429.65

TOTAL TO DATE: $80496.15  

This exceeds the 2012 West Vincent Budget line item of $70,000  

by $10,496.15 and yet there are still 3 months left in the year.

The $70,000 figure can be found in the approved budget following. 
(The reference is 01.404.314 Legal Services on page 13)    While you you have that list in front of you, you might be interested to check through some of the other items in the budget, to see where your taxes are being spent.


Back in June the Township produced a current Budget vs actual http://westvincenttwp.org/images/docs/2012%206%20month%20Budget%20vs.%20Actual.pdf but it hasn't been updated since. As with the previous link, you might be interested to check through some of the other items.

As I have reported in the past, (see my website 17 October 2010) West Vincent township has historically had the highest legal expenses of the surrounding townships, by a considerable amount. Actually West Vincent legal bills were not just a few percentage points but SEVEN TIMES HIGHER, per head, than any of the neighboring townships. Look back to the figures I gave back then, and compare them with today's figures.  They are slightly, minutely, better today.

More to come on this subject.

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