Sorry for being away for a bit. Trying to enjoy the weather before the cold sets in!  Lot's of projects to do around the house and a little time away.  I have a couple of short things to address today. The Trash Task Force and the Township Yard Sale.

The Trash Task Force is having its first PUBLIC MEETING tomorrow night, September 27 at 7:30 pm at the West Vincent Township Building.  http://westvincenttwp.org/index.php/22-event-dates-township-meetings/535-092712-730-pm-trash-task-force-meeting    While nobody really is sure how the members were chosen since no interview process was established or invoked, the team congregates for the first time. It is a PUBLIC meeting and it involves EVERY resident and property owner in West Vincent township. This is a committee that will decide if your right to choose your trash hauler will be replaced with a municipal designate for which you have no say. This should concern everyone that pays a trash bill. You are welcome to attend this open meeting and I highly recommend it. Your wallet depends on it!

West Vincent Township is having a PUBLIC YARD SALE. On Saturday October 6, 2012, from 8:00 A.M. to Noon, the Sustainability Committee will be sponsoring a yard sale in the Park for residents of West Vincent Township. I think this is a great idea, you can gather up your old stuff and get a booth. Recycle things you don't need anymore by selling them off to others at bargain basement prices. Get to know your neighbors. Find that neon leg lamp you have always wanted, for a quarter.  This is more Community Day than Community Day.  Bad news, though. Sorry, all the space has been sold out.  Yes, all 25 spaces are gone, and they have been gone for a while. So you have to wait until next year, when hopefully the Township will realize that the park can fit a few more spaces than 25. There were more than 25 spaces at Community Day, weren't there? Perhaps somebody can persuade the Township to open the event up to more than 0.547% of the West Vincent population, or one space per 182 residents. Good luck! 

Also don't forget your forum at http://westvincent.net to
(anonymously) air any views you have on anything connected with West Vincent.

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