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After my last mail I received even more letters!  Here is a selection.

Here is the first
Great presentation, knowing others share my view makes me feel less isolated in my opinion of the corrupt issue of a single trash hauler.
Thank you,

and the next
Our neighborhood of 74 homes has one hauler, Chickenman. $10.00/mo and we pay through our association. I don't see how it could be less through the township.   Pickup once/ week of garbage and recycles.  As needed for large items.
My comment
Good idea.  If all the people in a neighborhood felt the same way, they could have a consortium to use the same hauler. Why would they need the heavy hand and iron fist of the government to do it?

Another letter
Government is inherently wasteful as they remove incentives and competition and only should be involved to set guidelines when absolutely necessary.   Monopolies are maybe initially cheaper, but are in the long run more expensive and/or have crappy service.  Wasn't it nice to have finally have a choice of Verizon, Comcast and Satellite for our TV and internet?  Shouldn't that work for trash collection as well and just about everything else?   Amazing that some "republicans" want bigger government and less freedom of choice!

We are 100% satisfied with our hauler; they do a spectacular job and only charge under $64 per quarter. Bet the  power quest running this township are getting kickbacks from somebody! Bet  no one can beat the price our hauler is charging!  These fools must be from the Obama school of political power; if ya don'tlike it, tough! The next election will be their undoing.....count on it!
No name please.....I like living under the radar, but keep up on what's happening, thanks to Chickenmans efforts! Keep em comin!

This may be my favorite chickman email yet.  Not because you printed my response but because I actually get to see that this crap is pissing other people off as well.  That is one of the drawbacks to your emails which is the absence of a feedback loop.  Have you considered hosting a forum?  I’m sure most people would sign up under nom de plumes (which would probably be the safe thing...who knows when I might need to apply for a variance from the zoning board) but it would still give us a chance to discuss the issues with each other.  Just a thought.

Last but not least
My bottom line on trash: It will take "X" number of trucks to haul "X" number of cubic yards of trash no matter who does it or manages it. There is no spirit of competition in the municipal sector. The municipal collection of trash will be just one more step in controlling our lives, and create more administration costs. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. We as voters have to continue taking out municipal trash like we did last May when we replaced all four republican committee people. Dave Brown can no longer endorse himself! Just scary to think Kit Trollier could have been elected, but  keeping Clare was maybe worse!

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