It seems that the subject of trash stirred people. So here are a selection of reader's letters.  Apart from the one mail I copy below suggesting I remain neutral, not one of the mails I received were supportive of the idea of a single hauler.  Please read all and discover what your neighbors think and were so concerned about that they wrote to me about it.  The poll on Kit Trolier's own website shows 98% of those voting preferred to stay with multiple independent haulers.

Dear Feathered Friend,
The committee is stacked. Kit Trolier for one is not going in with an open mind. She tried to tell me it was required by PA law that the Twsp. take over because of number of residents.
I challenged her about the number and she said well, we are very close and will be there soon. Then we are not required? She said, we like to be ahead of the curve. Bull crap! These are Republicans?
They want government to make our choices and take our freedom away? They claim there were "several" residents who expressed interest in this. How many is that, 3 or 4? I wonder if a signed petition of say 500 or more would make any difference to this court of Kangaroos? Freedom trumps any trumped up environmental or road wear nonsense. If individual developments can't agree on one hauler, how can the entire Township? Don't answer that. I know how. Apparently, this is life in Quinville.
(name withheld)

I attended this meeting and I thought this gentlemen who obviously knew what he was talking about was completely ignored, obviously the Supervious being all knowing had made the choice for us.  I am as a resident of WV am completely happy with my choice of Waste Management and have been for years even thought I could select another company less expentsive because they do a fine job and do not cause a traffic problem problem, they collect very early before most residents are on the road.

Thanks  chickenman. We are starting a petition against the township involvement of trash pick up.

Once again, can I say how really, really glad I am I don't live in West Vincent? Here in East Nantmeal, we not only get to pick our own Haulers, but some of us manage to recycle most of our trash and rarely need their services at all. I can't believe the Township can force its residents to do what it's proposing!  Can it?

Our township sucks, but what can a person do?  If the administration wants to remain corrupt, I’m not sure what we can do to change it.  Suggestions are welcome if you know some other way to address it.  Showing up and being vocal doesn’t appear to be working.  The whole thing needs to be rebooted.

Dear Chickenman:
I really admire the work you do to try keeping people honest who are involved in our township operation.  However, it appears that you've already made up your mind about the single trash hauler issue before the possibilities have been reviewed.  Isn't that one of very things you're fighting against?

Shouldn't we remain neutral until the Task Force looks into it?  If they can negotiate a rate cheaper than the
$87.45/quarter I currently pay, that would be great.  I'm optimistic, because a mega-client consisting of everyone in our township should get a rate at least 20 percent below an individual customer, right?

On balance, please keep up the good work!
(name withheld)

I replied:
Thanks for writing .  I've got a couple of points.  Well, four actually!  First, there will be no problem in hearing the point of view for the single collector.  Clare wants this, she generally gets what she wants, and the trash committee have been carefully chosen to be, in the main, people who support her point of view.  So we will hear all about the advantages of just one hauler, not a lot about the other side.

Second point I covered in my mailing of April 12 this year also November 8 last year.  See my website. But the main point here would be the poll conducted on the Brown/Trolier website.  On this poll, reproduced on my 2 earlier mailings 98% wanted to keep multiple haulers.  However, I have just checked, the poll is still there, on http://goodgovernmentforwestvincent.com/component/poll/2-trash-poll.html ,
(Sorry - that website was later closed down after David Brown was caught contradicting his campaign statements on issues AFTER he was Supervisor.) but - catastrophe - the number wanting to keep the status quo has gone down.  As of today, only 97.7% want to retain independent haulers.  I can't stress enough.  This is Kit Trolier's OWN website showing 98% opposed, yet she is one of those leading the charge for a single hauler.  So much for respecting the wishes of the voters......

Third point.  If you are not happy with your township appointed hauler, he cannot be fired.  Multiple haulers, you just choose the next company in line.

Fourth point.  If you recycle on your own, or carefully generate little trash, then you are shackled to a bill for the collection of everyone's trash, even those who are not nearly so careful as you are.  The idea of a single hauler paid by tax on everyone is a godsend for those kings of the trash producers.  Without doubt, they will be voting for the idea of a single hauler.

But yes, you are correct, in an ideal world "a mega-client consisting of everyone in our township should get a rate at least 20 percent below an individual customer,"  Unhappily we are not in an ideal world and other factors come into play, such as those I have outlined above and also those in my various emails on the subject.

May I quote your mail?  Either with, or without your name, as you prefer.

Here is his reply:
Dear CM:
Good points!  OK, I understand.  You can use my quotes, but please without my name (I'm trying to live peacefully, quietly and "under the radar" in this township).  ( ;-)
That being said, I also volunteered for the Task Force, not really because I'm interested in trash, but largely because I thought it might give me a real-world peek into the machinations of our township.  I wasn't chosen, and I wasn't asked to provide any qualifications, so I can only assume that the choosers "Googled" my name.  I worked in ******.  You'd think that would be a positive factor, but who knows.

Here's another letter

I was there, when she did that. I don't remember the exact word. However, I do remember the derogatory sneering tone in her voice as she said it. It had a huge amount of negative emotion in it. I could not figure out why she was saying it to those people. I guess it was that she had to say it to someone and they happened to be close to her at the time. It was like a black cloud as she passed by.

Here we go again !!  One cannot get a straight answer from any of them. It's like they all went to the same class to take mumble/double speak classes.
  What really irritates me is that nobody can tell us just what is the criteria for these people in determining the trash removal. What is their experience in trash removal companies? Do they know who has good equipment or bad. Will the Township get into the trash removal business ? Can we opt out of the Township Trash Removal or are we held hostage by them.
    Gotta love them ....

Here's one I received earlier
Hi Chickenman, Love your emails. Just saw in the township newsletter that they may go to having one refuse co. for the township. We are against this idea. We lived in a township that did this and it was more expensive and very restrictive. We are happy with the way things are. How do we express our feelings about this? Thanks, a fan. Please don't print my name

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