In the recent past, I reported that the township was going to start a Trash Task Force to research the need for a one hauler system (a township monopoly) in West Vincent Township. It has started. This is the update on how it is being handled.

My speculation is this Township Trash Monopoly will make more work for the township, maybe hire on a new person for the billing and grow the Miller Government even bigger. How will the new person get paid? Either with your new, non-negotiable trash bill or your taxes. Depending upon how they write the bid package, like they do for DL Fleck, now D & L Construction LLC, the township could manipulate who the hauler is.

From the Township Minutes of June 11, 2012:

Trash Taskforce: Ms. Quinn made the motion to appoint Steven Bazil, Eugene Briggs, Chip Farnham, Penny Furness-Hodgkins, Peter Gaffer, Bob Kaiser, Ted Otteni, Peter Ouwerkerk, John Rieder, Harry Saunders, Kate Stanton, Kit Trolier, and Michael Whitehead to the Trash Taskforce. Mr. Brown seconded the motion.......................

From the meeting of June 25, 2012, here is the transcript of a dialog between an applicant for the Trash Task Force and the Board. Put yourself in Mr Murphy's position.  My comments on the discussion, and the actual video links, are at the bottom of this e-mail

Here is the transcript from the video of the Township, June 25, 2012:

Ken Miller: OK, other comments. You Sir.

Mr. Murphy: I volunteered for the Trash Committee, oh, um group actually, I was not selected. Um, I hear there were 17, maybe 22 people that volunteered for that committee. Could someone tell me why I wasn't selected, number one and what the criteria for that selection was?

Ken Miller: Your name ….is?

Mr. Murphy: Jim Murphy. 12 year resident

Ken Miller: Clare, David?

David Brown: I think they, uh, look over the list and I guess the people, each one of us, had certain people that we particularly wanted on and the second thing..(indeterminably)...I don't exactly....

Mr. Murphy: What's the criteria, the question was the criteria. You want, you know, what's the criteria?

Clare Quinn: Criteria are people the Supervisors believe will do a good job, approach it honestly and fairly, apply...

Mr. Murphy: Do you know my profile?

Clare Quinn: I don't know your profile and I...

Mr. Murphy: Ivy League Education

Clare Quinn: Excuse me, Excuse me

Mr. Murphy: 38 years with a multi national pharmaceutical company

Clare Quinn: Excuse me, I'm speaking

Mr. Murphy: You know, what's what's my criteria?

Clare Quinn: I think you just proved you weren't suitable for the committee

Mr. Murphy: Oh really?

Gasps from the audience

Clare Quinn: Yeah, I do, because you're talking over me. You're not...

Mr. Murphy: No, I'm not talking....

Clare Quin: you're not.....

Ken Miller: Hold on.

Mr. Murphy: I asked a question.

Ken Miller: Hold on Mr. Murphy.

Clare Quinn: You're expressing yourself in a contentious way about something that Supervisors have to do all the time, which is appoint people from a group of people and we have to use the best tools at hand and..

Mr. Murphy: What tools are those? That's my question.

Clare Quinn: There, there were many...

Mr. Murphy: I'm an HR director. I use criteria to select people. What wa...

Clare Quinn: I don't...

Mr. Murphy: What was the criteria, that's my question.

Clare Quinn: We just explained to you there were many good people. There wasn't one bad applicant. We had to make a choice among the applicants. And we did. And we all had different people who we thought would be good...

Mr. Murphy: You haven't answered the question.

Clare Quinn: To your satisfaction.

Mr. Murphy: Education, experience, knowledge, all the things that we use in HR to determine who's the best qualified person. You didn't know my qualifications. How did I get excluded versus included based on what you're saying?

Clare Quinn: I think I answered it (becomes unclear).

Mr. Murphy: What else..(indeterminable)

Ken Miller: Hold On. Hold on a second. Hold on a second. Can I answer your question?

Mr. Murphy: PLEASE!

Ken Miller: K. My sentiment was, my preference was that everybody that applied was to be on the committee.

Mr. Murphy: Excellent. That, I would rather, I would, I would go with that. Alright? If 17 applied, all 17 should be included, you don't have the criteria to exclude anyone.

Miller: K. I didn't carry the day, Mr. Murphy.

Mr. Murphy: Who did?

Clare Quinn: Wait a minute, but, we did say that everybody who came to the committee, to volunteer can participate fully on that committee...

Mr. Murphy: no

Clare Quinn: they just don't have a vote.

Kenny Carroll: May I say something?

Clare Quinn: Yes, you may.

Miller: Go ahead, Ken.

Kenny Carroll: I've been here a short period of time, my name is Kenny Carroll, by the way...

Mr. Murphy: Yeah, nice to meet you..

Kenny Carroll: We ought not to be so angry, and we ought to, we ought to try to approach our questions, our concerns, uh, in a different way. And, uh, I was here a couple of weeks ago and thanked the folks for doing a thankless job. Whatever they do, there's gonna be people who are upset and there are gonna be people that are happy with what they do. All I would ask you and everyone else including myself is to be civil.

Mr. Murphy: Point well taken. I'm just searching for information....


Mr. Murphy: On why the criteria hasn't been specified.

Kenny Carroll: You're doing it in an angry way. It's obvious.

Mr. Murphy: I, I know. I had to, you know (undeterminable) the town secretary 3 times trying to figure out where my application was. And I still, you know, unless, I sent an e-mail yesterday that said “what happened to my application?”, I, you know, nobody was kind enough to even come back and say, “Jim, you weren’t qualified, you didn't, you know, you didn't succeed in your application” otherwise. I mean, that's a courtesy point.

Clare Quinn: I agree with you and I'm sorry that answer but that is not my doing. That, that should have been done by our office. You were asked the office to communicate with all the applicants (sic). We did ask you to do that. (Deep Sigh).

(Chickenman comment:  I believe Clare might be talking to the township secretary pertaining to the previous sentences.)

Miller: Other comments?

In the video, Miller starts to talk about the minutes, Clare gets up from her chair and walks out of the meeting room. Just after she passes the township camera, she states to the audience, “You people are ….”. While it sounds to me like Clare says “amazing”, there were witnesses that claim she said “crazy”. Either way, it was demeaning and uncalled for. It does show what Clare thinks of anyone who questions the Township actions.

What can be extracted from the above exchange?

 1.    Mr. Murphy got his answer without being directly answered. The answer is there was no scientific criteria specified for choosing qualified people to make actual unbiased and researched decisions about mandatory municipal trash service.

 2.    David Brown admits that the Supervisors already had people they wanted on the committee. This would be a “stacking of the deck”, used to create a predetermined outcome of the committee. I have no doubt you will be forced to pay for a pre-selected trash service soon.

 3.    Clare Quinn had no idea who Jim Murphy was nor his background, yet she reviewed the applicants? There was no interview process by phone or any other way. The Supervisors had no idea or nor do they care about his background or any of the other denied applicants.

4.     The entire issue is successfully deflected when a member of the audience named Kenny Carroll, who changes the discussion from qualifying criteria to a matter of the question of a resident being "angry". There is a distinct difference between "angry" and "frustrated".  My reading is that Mr Murphy was very frustrated with the response. 

Clare Quinn states what she thinks of the people that attend Township meetings with her closing comment.  Clare Quinn freely insults anyone that has a problem with the township, clearly does not like being questioned, and she obviously thinks that anyone who has the temerity to question her actions is unsuitable for the committee. In other words she wants the committee to be a bunch of yes-men.


This one has a cleaner audio than the township version below but is otherwise the same: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaYQO_f18AU

The one at the Township website: http://westvincenttwp.org/images/all-videos/BOS-Video-062512-1.wmv

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