In a way it's rather a sad day today.  It is exactly 2 years since I sent out my first newsletter, July 27, 2010. This is issue number 278.  I would rather have hoped that I would not have needed to go on for so long, or that there would be so much to expose in West Vincent.  So please, West Vincent Voters, think about a change of supervisors, and give me chance to retire, to sit on my porch, to contemplate, and well, to just do nothing!

So I'll make this a readers corner, since it is you, the reader, that I write it for.  Here are ALL the letters I received following my piece about the Zoe Appreciation Private Party, or the ZAPP, you remember, the one that was, at least partly, paid for by the taxpayer?

1. "I think it's fine to acknowledge any citizen's contributions with an appropriate celebration, but as a Supervisor, Zoe Perkins worked for ALL of the citizens of West Vincent, not just those in the administration. By holding such a closed-door party, that administration robbed all of those other citizens of their right to express their own gratitude for Ms. Perkins' years of work on their behalf. Furthermore, they helped to drive home the point that they do not consider their jobs to be on behalf of the West Vincent residents. On the contrary, it's all about THEM. They work for themselves and for their own advantage, and they shamelessly rub everybody's noses in it over and over and over again. When are the people in that township planning to wake up and throw these bums out!?"

2. "Chick man,  I read the article in Sundays Daily Local and thought most of it was laughtfulable ,  The party for Zoey if it was private, should have been given by her dear friends who I am sure have benefited by her generosity to them"

3. "Chickenman , thanks for the note. Now I will go vomit. A private party for Perkins ? for what ? giving us the development at Ludwig’s when we could have a golf course there, or the apartments at Ludwig’s where the police live or the loss of the gun club [common land thief ] and farmer welfare. We used to have excellent supervisors in this township that cared for the township when I was a child, now we have common trailer park scum that only care about themselves. What did we thank her for ? regards, (name withheld)"

4. "Dear Chickenman, How does Jim Wendelgass make $133,000 per year?  He should be smiling all of the time.  Seriously, how does that happen?  I need clarification. Thank you for your incredible service, (name withheld)"

My answer "How he makes it is simple. He has a contract with the township that gives him a 3% raise every year (although he downgrades it in the budget every year and then his line item is over budget from week one) and he has a great benefit package. Without going though the documents to confirm, I believe his salary is around $103k this year, the rest is benefits.

5. "Chickenman, please keep up the good work.  By the way, we are selling our house in West Vincent – like so many other people I simply can’t afford the ridiculous taxes anymore and am disgusted by the politics.  I hope Ken Miller gets booted out before we move.
Thanks again for exposing the fraud and waste on our township. (name withheld)"

6.  A suggestion from an Attorney  "If you think something happened that violated the Ethics Act, report it to the State Ethics Commission."

My answer "I am just a reporter. That's all I do.  I hope that the things I report on will stir others into action.  If you agree with me, maybe you would do that?  But if you think I am wrong, please tell me.

I haven't heard anything further, and don't know if he has followed up on his suggestion.

7. Last, but by no means least, please read someone else's published opinion.

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Best wishes

Starting Year 3.