The Daily Local had another item about West Vincent


First a minor correction to the article. Jim Wendelgass is NOT a Supervisor, he is the township manager. A Supervisor makes $1875/year, Wendelgass makes about $133,000/yr including Benefits. The exception to that is Clare Quinn who gets FULL health benefits worth thousands of TAX DOLLARS dollars on top of the $1875/year as a reward from the township for getting fired from her job when attempting to Eminent Domain the Horse Show Grounds.

As far as Zoe goes, I don't have any objection whatsoever for her being well thanked for her service to the community.  And I don't really have a problem with them having a party and charging the township for it.  In that respect it's rather like taking ball pens home from the office.  Not totally honest, but people do it.

I do have a problem though with them not telling anyone and apparently trying to hide it.  Public funds means that the public has a right to know. Furthermore, the public has a right to attend if tax money is spent.  They tried to hide it.  It just goes with their style. Taxpayers don't matter. Clare Quinn stated, "Every now and then we think it’s OK for the citizens of the township to thank somebody with a little bit of soda." But it wasn't a "little bit of soda", as I pointed out previously and was re-iterated in the article. Does Clare ever tell the truth? The article further speaks to the philanthropy of Mrs. Perkins, which is extremely noble. But Zoe's giving does not allow the Township a "quid pro quo".

Be sure to read the last paragraph of the article. Jim Wendelgass said, "We are very sensitive to the taxpayers and we try and do things as cheaply as we can." Good, but it was a private party for a select group of people paid for by the taxpayer. Elected officials go to jail for that. Although, this IS West Vincent Township and the rules just don't apply. How long can they get away with this type of conduct before a higher authority will take action?

One comment I received said "If these people were a little bit more above board it would NOT be so UGLY."

It's what they do ALL THE TIME.  If it was just the odd time it wouldn't matter so much.

By the way I don't think it is legal to buy "gifts" for anyone with public monies. There is a reason for these laws.

Maybe I should have made more of theses points in my original email but the Daily Local has helped.

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