Did anyone look at the Bills Lists I have sent in the recent past? There are few charges that have piqued my interest.

Take, for example, the Bills List from May 14, 2012 lists charges for a “Supervisor Appreciation Party” which was glassware and linens totaling $194.50. Also, beverages totaling $71.92 for a “Supervisor Appreciation Reception”. Then there was the Reagent Print bill for some type of "Supervisor Appreciation Items" for $36.00. http://www.westvincenttwp.org/images/docs/Draft%20Bills%20List%20051412.pdf

The following Bills List of May 29, 2012 lists under the Heading BUSINESS CARD a charge for “Zoe P. Supervisor Appreciation Gift” in the amount of $375.39. http://westvincenttwp.org/images/docs/Draft%20Bills%20List%20052912.pdf

As I read these charges, certain things come to mind:
1. A bill never appeared for the tables that the Linens and Glassware would be placed on but that bill could easily be buried with the table/tent/chair rental ($4880.60, Bills List May 29, 2012, reference as above) for the Community Day. Perhaps everyone just sat on the floor, Japanese style.

2. I come up with an expenditure for this event of $677.81. ($194.50 + $71.92 + $36.00 + $375.39 = $677.81)

3. Who attended the this “Supervisor Appreciation Party/Reception” and how was the guest list decided upon? I guess it could be political supporters as well as the staff and close friends.

4. I didn't see a bill for a mailing or public announcement inviting the public to attend an event paid for (at least in part) with public funds.

I wonder if Zoe P. is Zoe Perkins and Zoe Perkins was a Supervisor. Maybe there is another Zoe P in the Township of West Vincent, but I couldn't find one in the Voter List. Why wasn't her name just spelled out on the bills list? I must say that it was difficult to notice buried with the other charges.

If this was a PRIVATE PARTY (as it appears to have been), why did the Public pay for it? Certainly it must have been well attended enough for those attendees to donate in the money to have it. Most importantly, I hope the West Vincent residents picked out a nice gift for Zoe P. After all, you paid for it, together with the party!

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