In the meeting of May 29, 2012 Supervisor approved minutes, there is a request for a monetary donation to the French & Pickering Creek Iron Tour stating "There was no public comment and the motion carried unanimously, with Ms. Quinn abstaining from the vote owing to her past employment by the Trust". Viewing the video, Clare Quinn does abstain from the vote BUT her ENTIRE statement on the video is, "I must recuse". Clearly not the one issued in the minutes.

Supervisors are required to give a reason for abstaining and Clare did not, but the minutes claim otherwise.   This is another case of history being re-written. How difficult is it to properly report what was said? The answer is "It isn't". There is township video to rely on for accuracy (http://westvincenttwp.org/images/all-videos/BOS-Video-052912.wmv) and the section to view starts 41.06 minutes.

Recent Supervisor donations on the West Vincent taxpayers behalf:

French and Pickering received another $1000 of your tax money in the form of a donation for the 2012 Iron Tour bicycle event.

Green Valleys received a $1000 of your tax money as the 2012 donation.

The township is so certain that you support both of these organizations and donated to them.  Thank you for your unspoken support.

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