I drafted the following a little while back but have only just found out the the meeting to discuss this is TONIGHT at 7:30 pm.  I'm sorry for the short notice but if you possibly can please go along to the meeting, listen to any remarks, and make your thoughts known.

Here is a letter I received which I think deserves to be published.

Hi Chicken Man,
I don't know if you have been following this latest travesty or not, but I have been asked to forward the following letter on to you. This is another incestuous deal.
Siana sold the Wilkinson brothers (the owners and developers of the old township building) the building lots on Sheeder Mill Rd. WVT where they live. The money the township got when the old township building was sold for $475K to the Wilkinson's was used to build the facilities for Miller's road crew at the new township building.
The Wilkinson's are now asking for numerous "waivers" for zoning for their new office park. They bought the property knowing what it was, and what the ordinance allowed. THERE IS NO HARDSHIP HERE! They should be made to follow the zoning to the letter of the law as it is with no waivers!

How is it that our township spends hundreds of thousands of dollars protecting open space and allows this type of density/ overdevelopment on a 2.38 property that they had in their control?

And now our supervisors are entertaining waivers and variances to further this development????

With the precarious roads and limited site distances surrounding this “over development” ; how could they allow that amount of traffic and put all of the township residents that travel those roads (our main road through the village) at risk?? What type of township would grant waivers and variances to allow that?

They don’t care about the residents. They only care about the tax base.

Your consideration and help in this matter is much appreciated!

A subscriber

Letter from Mrs Graham follows:

West Vincent Board of Supervisors
March 26, 2012

To the members of the Board of Supervisors, past and present; the Township Manager; the Zoning Officer and the solicitors who oversee our township business:

My husband, George T. Graham, D.D. S., and I, Suzanne M. Roth; wish to express our profound disappointment with the lack of oversight displayed by the Board and its advisors to protect our Historic School House property. 

We now face a 10,000 to 12,500 square foot office complex on this 2.78 acre property which far exceeds reasonable development. We do not believe that a Fiscal Impact Statement should be waived.  This is an historic village with roads to match.  If the property is developed as planned for each parking space allotted there will be 8 cars trips anticipated to travel our roads.  That would mean approximately 256-270 more cars passing our house on a daily basis or turning around somewhere in the village to enter the office complex.  With this amount of volume we will need a traffic light at the cross roads of School House Land and Flowing Springs Road and a 3 way stop at the juncture of Hollow Road and School House Lane to prevent accidents.  The steep grades and lack of sight lines should make this necessary. 

The township police cannot enforce the 15 MPH speed limit on the lower portion of School House Lane now.  I believe this added volume will make us ripe for accidents.  As it is now most of the people who travel this portion of the road DO NOT OBEY the speed limit and many small collisions occur as evidenced by the amount of mirror glass on the road and its verges.  In inclement weather we have had 2 very major accidents at the corner of School House Lane and Hollow Road; one when a car went airborne off School House Lane and clipped the side of the Sladek house and moved the LP gas tank and another when a car again went airborne off Hollow Road and entered the Sladek barn on the second floor level.

Working plans drawn by Edward B. Walsh in May 1991 to enable the installation of utility sheds on this same property show an active stream and wetlands.  In fact the buildings were moved to comply with a then 50 foot set back from the stream.  As the plan stands now all evidence of these natural resources has been removed.  The stream has been piped and the wetlands denuded and filled with stone.  We believe these changes have adversely impacted a tributary of the Birch Run, an exceptional value stream. 

Has the capacity of the well been determined?  Can it support 4 buildings and their occupants?

The sewage facilities have been placed along School House Lane above the planned buildings.  If this site fails where will the alternative site be?  Is this sewage sight 150 feet from the still shown wetlands?

There has been No Notification from Birchrun Village, L.L.C. to the surrounding neighbors regarding any of the changes or proposed changes to this property.

With the addition of 3 buildings on this property the increase in light pollution will magnify.  Now, if lights are left on in the evening or overnight the light enters the bedrooms of surrounding neighbors.  What will be the effect when a parking lot for 32-34 cars is illuminated?

We would like to see the separate plan sheet submitted showing truck and emergency vehicle access around the entire development as suggested by John Caruolo, P.E.  We understand there has been a letter written to the township by the local fire departments.  We would like to have copies and review these letters. 

We strongly believe that the Birchrun Village, LLC. should not be given a waiver to put buildings and parking spaces within the 150 foot set back of streams.  Our zoning calls for a set back of 150 feet from an historic building.  Their plan calls for placing one of the buildings within 62.5 feet of the School House.

Developing this Office Complex will forever change the nature of this historic village.  This type of development belongs at Ludwigs Corner or at Routes 113 & 401 not in the village.

We strongly ask the supervisors to reject the waivers asked for by Birchrun Village, LLC.

Attached is the application letter

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