Well, it seems the electioneering continues, trying to besmirch anyone who might be opposed to the current Board of Supervisors.

Here is video of Susan Miller's questions and statements at the meeting May 29, followed, at this link, by someone else's opinions of Mrs Millers remarks.


Do please read the remarks following the video before you read the rest of my newsletter.

Here is a transcript, followed by my own comments

Susan Miller: So I'm here tonight because, um, I've been forwarded some e-mails that are false and written anonymously, um, and apparently these e-mails go out to residents of the township. Uh, they're false because because they are filled with innuendo that is deceptive and the emails that I'm coming to the board about tonight are ones that deal with Township business. Uh, also be clear, that these e-mails also attack my husband and the business that we operate on Horseshoe Trail. While the township business, they also attack us personally. Um, anybody who doesn't know, my husband own and operate a farm on Horseshoe Trail here in West Vincent Township and on May 21st a e-mail was forwarded to me by a resident that was sent by a person or a group of people that call themselves Chickenman. Now, in this e-mail, from May 21st that I have here, I actually received it on the 22nd, there are a number of things that they question about the township but the one that I'd like to bring up specifically is one, I don't know, about three quarters of the way down the page and I'll read it in quotes and then I'll ask the board to address a couple issues with that. Umm, this is from Chickenman, in quotes, "RJL Landscaping Inc would like $1275 for repair sprayfield of MM, Matthews Meadows with question mark, last time they submitted a bill was when I caught Ken Miller destroying sprayheads and the people in the development were charged for it. I wonder what happened this time as the bills list wasn't specific." So first off, I'd like to ask the board what, that, to be specific about the bill fro RJL Landscaping for $1275 for repair to that sprayfield and I assume it's at Matthews Meadows and if that damage was caused by Ken Miller, anybody at my farm to that sprayfield for that bill of $1275. Could somebody address that?

Jim Wendelgass: If I could address that,um, that was work that was, there was damage that was in underground piping, so it was not damage which could have been done by mowing. I would say also, the damage that was done last year was not at Matthews Meadows, it was at Weatherstone, uh, several sprayheads were damaged and Ken notified us immediately uh and paid us for that damage. Uh, this was a situation where the operator of Matthews Meadows system came to the township and notified us that there appeared to be a leak, an underground leak, asked the township if it could get it repaired. Obviously, you have to get it repaired, um, so, um he in fact was the one who brought in the landscaper to do the work and got it repaired. It has been repaired. Uh also note that, the, because the contract was not, uh, awarded until tonight, that sprayfield has not been mowed since last year.

Susan Miller: So, second part of this, which you addressed very nicely Jim, was if this Chickenman, this Chickenman Posse says that the last time they submitted a bill was when I caught Ken Miller destroying sprayheads and the people in the development were charged for it. Now, uh, Ken Miller is acting as a private citizen when he is fulfilling the contract of this bid. He is a part of our farm, there at Birchrun Hills Farm and that week that he mowed those weeds fields, or our farm was the last week of July, 2011. 2 sprayheads were damaged. Ken immediately reported the damage. A bill was submitted to repair it. The bill was submitted to Ken Miller on August first for $912. It was paid the exact same day, that check was deposited the very next day by the township, I have the copy of the check from our bank as proof it was paid for. That the residents of any development did not not pay for the damage to any of the sprayheads. Once again, Chickenman is wrong. The Chickenman Posse is creating innuendo to be deceptive to the residents of this township.

Clare Quinn: It's not innuendo, it's a lie.

Susan Miller: It's a ...It is what it is. So, I want to be clear, that Chickenman did not catch Ken Miller at anything and the sprayheads were damaged and it was reported immediately as part of the contract.

OK, the second issue, we have here, regarding township business comes from another e-mail that was forwarded to me by a resident and this one was sent by a person or group of people who call themselves Chickenman.

And this Chickenman e-mail is dated May 25, 2012. It was sent to me, let me see, I have it right here, on May 26, the very next day. Now, this e-mail wants to let residents to know that the township bids were opened for the field mowing. Now, he alleges or they allege that no bids were received and that something improper was done with bids that were never received. I'm here to ask you if the township received any other bids for that contract that were not presented to the board of Supervisors.

Jim Wendelgass: No, absolutely not.

Susan Miller: Absolutely not. The truth is, no bids were destroyed and not presented to the Supervisors, is that correct.

Jim Wendelgass:  That is absolutely correct

Clare Quinn: There were no bids at all the first time the project was bid.

Nobody bid at all on the first time and the second time ken Miller as a private citizen bid. Is there anything that limits, I'd like to ask the township solicitor, the township Supervisor or his family from bidding on a contract for that mowing? For us to bid on that.

Alan Greenwood: Not that I'm aware of that there's a restriction. He has to recuse himself which he has done in terms of the uh awarding of the bid, or the contract, as you may.

Susan Miller: Interestingly enough, um, did Ken Miller meet all of the requirements...to...bid? You know, did he fill out the 9 page bid contract, did he submit the 10% bond, did he fill all that out so the he, did he have it in before 4 pm on the date it was due?

Jim Wendelgass: Yes he did.

Susan Miller: He did, ok. That's great. No special consideration was given to Ken Miller in this process.

Indiscernible speaking in background

Susan Miller: The reason this is important is because this chickenman posse is trying to discredit our family business. They're trying to keep us from operating our business here in West Vincent Township and this part of the township issue because this is a township contract. Now, Chickenman also wants to know how it is possible that no one else bid. I thought about this and I looked into it and the truth is the bid was advertised in the Pottstown Mercury and the Lancaster Farming. I looked up the circulation and they have a combined paid circulation of 80,000. The bid, I assume, was also picked up by bidding agencies around the region so I feel comfortable that plenty of people had an opportunity to submit a bid if they wanted to mow those sprayfields. Why nobody bid, I guess is a reasonable question and the only thing I can think of is that nobody wanted to bid any less for it. Ken Miller has bid the same price for that contract for the past 3 years. It would be reasonable that is someone wanted to bid for that, that they could pretty much have a great estimate of what it would take to win the bid. How much they would have to bid. Wouldn't it? I would think.

So, the only thing I could surmise is that nobody bid because they did not want to issue the bid for that amount of money. Interestingly enough, I come here before the board questioning this and wanting to get the facts straight for the records because this innuendo does not serve the residents of the township by deceiving them about the facts. I have no doubt that I'm going to be the subject of the next Chickenman e-mail. I'll be attacked like other innocent residents. I understand that this Chickenman Posse is concerned about anybody knowing who they are because they're afraid this board, who represents the residents of the Township will retaliate against them. The only thing I can think is that Chickenman retaliates against any resident of this township who stands up for truth.

Member of the audience: Chickenman must die.

Susan Miller: I was wondering if anyone here knows who this anonymous Chickenman Posse is?

Female Member of the audience: Well, there's certainly been things on Facebook.

Susan Miller: Yes, I just was, that same resident forwarded me an e-mail with a picture attached and it has a picture of three residents and one is wearing a chickenman shirt and the two beside him are in this room. Is it a wonder how the video tapes get on Chickenman?

I don't know but you know what? As residents, when we see something wrong, that's wrong, that's a lie, we need to stand up for it and have the truth be spoken and so that's why I'm here tonight, so the truth is spoken and damage cannot continue to be done to the residents of the township by deceiving them.

The first damaged sprayhead I discussed was in May and billed in June 2011 and Ken mowed the field in May 2011.    To date that damaged sprayhead has not been paid for by Ken Miller.  When Tom Helwig asked about the damaged sprayhead, Jim Wendelgass specifically stated that the bill would be paid out of the Weatherstone fund.  See http://tinyurl.com/westvincentinfos, 13 August 2011.  I later knew the second damage had been paid for by Ken Miller and stated that in my newsletter of August 22nd last year.    I wonder, if Ken Miller paid this directly as claimed, why it appeared in the bills list? 

As Susan Miller states, I never alleged that the damage to Matthews Meadows was from Ken Miller, I simply asked what the damage was, since in previous bills, the repair description was very specific. The innuendo is coming from the accuser, Susan Miller, not from me. 

Susan Miller makes an incorrect statement that Ken Miller is a private citizen when mowing the fields, Ken Miller is not a private citizen when he mows, he is a government contractor, subject to the same public scrutiny as a public official, elected or appointed.

Ken Miller claimed last year that he didn't damage the sprayheads, rather, his son did the damage.  See http://tinyurl.com/westvincentinfos, 11 SeptemberBut Mrs. Miller certainly does not mention her son during this diatribe.

Jim Wendelgass stated in this exchange that the damage to Matthews Meadows was underground and could not have been damaged from mowing. Well, I'll disagree with that.  Heavy equipment, a tractor for example, moving over a field can certainly damage underground pipework.  But, as the fields have not been mowed for some time, I'll concede that the damage was probably not caused by the mowing, which I never claimed anyway.

Susan Miller states, “Now, he alleges or they allege that no bids were received and that something improper was done with bids that were never received.” Not true. What I said was,
Originally, the bids advertised were to be opened on April 9, 2012 but allegedly no bids were received. The field mowing was to be re-bid.”  Certainly, I have seen no proof that no bids were received,  but I did not suggest that something improper was was done with bids that were never received.

I pondered why nobody else bid. Susan Miller, in her speech even states, “ Why nobody bid, I guess is a reasonable question.......”. Thank you, Mrs. Miller. Yes it is. That is why I wondered. What I said was, "How is it possible that nobody else bid?"  I wondered, but didn't ask, why no one wanted to bid against the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Township?

Susan Miller states, “The only thing I can think is that Chickenman retaliates against any resident of this township who stands up for truth.”. She is welcome to “think” that but I don't know what I would be retaliating against. I am merely reporting things that are happening in the township, things that I don't think should be happening.  I am not retaliating against anything, I don't live in the township, I have nothing to retaliate against. I just hate corruption, and am happy to do my best to try to stop it.  

Susan Miller claims to show a picture of someone in a Chickenman Shirt. Great.  I'll wear a Superman shirt - because I think it's a fun shirt - and I'm Superman!   Wow!   Susan, you have never met me, and you have never ever seen a photograph of me.  So please, get off the back of a truthful honest resident, start putting your own house in order and get your husband to pay some of his bills.   For those of you who are still reading, here is your opportunity to be Chickenman!   I'll not mind.  Chickenman T shirts.  http://www.zazzle.com/chicken_man_tshirt-235407952920011521

I have never “attacked” anybody in my writings. This is a term that is used quite often against me. I may point out things that some may not like, but in no way is this an attack on anyone. Susan Miller has also said that “I'll be attacked like other innocent residents.” Actually, I feel that Mrs. Miller is being manipulated by her husband. I don't expect her to know all the workings of what is happening at the township. As a mother, she has family responsibilities and run the cheese enterprise, making the cheese, selling the cheese, going to farm markets, etc.  She probably puts in a ton of hours everyday. I suppose she doesn't read all of my e-mails or the minutes or watch the township videos. She simply trusts what Ken tells her. She seems like a devoted spouse and I respect her for that and am sorry that she is most likely being misguided by her husband. When she stands up in the township meeting and defends her husband without knowing all the facts, it isn't fair to her.

Where do I get my videos from asks Susan Miller?  Well Sue, there is not a single video on my website.  Nor has there ever been a single video attached to one of my newsletters.  They are all on the web, as links.  Anyone can access them.  I can recommend Google and YouTube, type in West Vincent Township.

Susan Miller states, “... when we see something wrong, that's wrong, that's a lie, we need to stand up for it and have the truth be spoken.....”. Well Sue, have found common ground.

Oh, and the guy at the back, who says "Chickenman must die" I understand is someone who won't stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.  (Is it no longer an offense to issue death threats, in public, no less?) He, and a small number of others like him, are part of the reason why I prefer to remain in relatively peaceful anonymity.

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