Well, it seems the electioneering has begun, by trying to besmirch anyone who might be opposed to the current incumbents.

Here is the first example.  Remember, Frances Dunn's family has just been paid approximately $1 million by the township.  That much money can affect anyone's judgment.  And Debbie is reported to have denied making any such call to Frances. Also, who's phone messages are deleted after only 14 days? Are there packages out there that have that short a service?


Points to ponder when watching the video:

1. Why would any government entity issue a check or checks that was going to bounce? That would be political suicide and stupid. Even if someone made that claim, to believe it would be beyond ridiculous.
2. While Clare claims that the Dunn family received phone calls (plural) from people (plural) in the community, later it becomes clear that it was only one person. Clare is either exaggerating or lying.
3. Clare claims that the rumor was done to perhaps "queer" a deal.  Consider this: The Dunn Family had ALREADY had the Township default once for the same parcel of property with a written agreement filed in the Chester County Courts which was for much MORE MONEY than the current and consummated agreement. I have written about this before and attached all of the paperwork. Check my website date April 22, 2011. The fact is, the Township of West Vincent never paid the Dunn Family for the first written contract. As Clare says later, the family was victimized, and she is correct but it was by the Township. Worse yet, one of the Dunn family chooses to accuse someone of an action in a public meeting with no proof.
4. It is apparent how staged this entire production is by Ken Miller and Clare. This was clearly a rehearsed act.
5. Isn't it strange that the person making the accusations doesn't accept an offer to have a sit down meeting with the individual that allegedly gave her the information about the rumors being disseminated?

Change of subject. From the Township website, under News Flash:

    Special Board of Supervisor Meeting Scheduled

    West Vincent Associates, Ltd., which is the developer which has been building the Weatherstone development, has asked West Vincent Township to amend the approved plan for the Weatherstone development. The amendment would change the orientation of seven (7) estate lots which front on Westover Lane near Fellowship Road. In the approved plan, the driveways for those lots come off an alley which is connected to Linden Avenue. In the proposed change, the driveways would come directly off Westover Lane. Unlike other parcels in the Weatherstone these seven (7) lots will not be fronted by sidewalks.

    Before the Board of Supervisors of the Township take a position on this request, they would like to hear from its residents on the proposed change. It is holding a public meeting at the Township Building on Monday, June 4th at 7:30 P.M. to receive such comments. Copies of the existing approved plan and the proposed amendment will be available at that meeting. If you would like to review them in advance of the meeting, please call or email the Township to make arrangements to do so.

    If you are unable to attend the meeting but would still like to comment, please call me at 610-458-1601 or email me at jwendelgass@westvincenttwp.org to state your view on the proposed change.

If you hold views - either way - please let Jim Wendelgass know.

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