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At the Monday, May 14th township meeting, the bids were opened for the field mowing. To refresh memories, the field mowing of Weatherstone and Matthews Meadows is currently performed by Kenneth Miller, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Roadmaster of West Vincent Township. Originally, the bids advertised were to be opened on April 9, 2012 but allegedly no bids were received. The field mowing was to be re-bid.

The bidders in the advertised second round for the field mowing were as follows:

Kenneth Miller, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Roadmaster, with a total bid of $21,000 for the year to mow/bale the fields and take away the hay.

There were no other bids. Kenneth Miller, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Roadmaster for West Vincent Township was awarded the bid.

My question would be: WHY? Why is it that Upper Uwchlan can get their wastewater fields mowed for nothing but a small “management” fee and the mowing is, in essence, nothing. No burden to the users. Why in West Vincent will the people on the sewer systems of Weatherstone and Matthews Meadows once again pay an official for the township over $20,000 for the summer of service? If you live in one of these two developments, once again, the township demonstrates that you are just sheep primed for fleecing. They take your money and there is nothing you can do about it.

How is it possible that nobody else bid? Is anyone in the least bit suspicious? There is some good news. According to the advertisement, the bid will be awarded on Monday, May 29, 2012, which doesn't exist. The next Monday, May 29 is in the year 2017. The advertisement is defective. Legally, they have to re-advertise the bid and the taxpayer will have to foot the bill. So there is the opportunity for another bid. There was a similar date error last year when Township advertised the Road Maintenance Bid which was awarded to DL Construction (DL Fleck) in July of 2011. That job was advertised three times since it was written improperly. Who writes these ads? The Township attorney? The Township Manager? Who pays for the mistakes? I know the answer to the last question. The taxpayer does.

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