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Trash Disposal Task Force Volunteers Needed

In response to numerous resident requests, the Board of Supervisors announced its intent last fall to investigate the use of a single hauler for township trash disposal. To that end the Board invites interested residents to join a taskforce to explore the options available for trash disposal, recycling, and composting. The taskforce will assess residents’ concerns and strive to find reasonable, sustainable solutions to address their varying needs, as well as costs, energy use, and environmental impacts.

In order to encourage a diversity of viewpoints, the Board hopes to appoint 11 residents to the taskforce. Taskforce members will be asked to commit to one meeting a month for 9 to 12 months and be willing to spend several hours a month between meetings for preparation. If you would like to apply for the taskforce, please call Township Secretary, Tammy Swavely, at 610-458-1601 or email her at  tswavely@westvincenttwp.org. Appointments will be made at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday, May 21.

The advert says, 'in response to numerous resident requests'.  Yeah, right. You may remember this was a main prop of the Brown/Trolier publicity prior to their election?  They conducted a poll on their web site, and I reproduced this poll on 11/8/11.  It showed 91.4% against their proposals.  Since then the results have changed.  Now more than 98% are against the administration's proposal for just one hauler.  They had 'many' resident requests? That's 2% of those polled, at maximum? Here is a screen shot taken today from http://goodgovernmentforwestvincent.com/component/poll/2-trash-poll.html  (Sorry - that website was later closed down after David Brown was caught contradicting his campaign statements on issues AFTER he was Supervisor.)

Why does the administration want this? 

I know why.  Because there is a much higher chance of kickbacks when you can offer a contract to only one supplier!

Note.  More than 98% of those polled are against this proposal.

Please.  Please!   Respond to this ad.  No experience necessary! Join this task force.  Make your voice heard.  Oh, and don't believe that bit about 'several hours per month in preparation. If you don't want a single supplier you will have no preparation to do.  None whatsoever.  Just volunteer, go along, and make your opinion heard. Nothing will change in WVT without your help, without you doing something.  And if you have some ideas about recycling, even better.

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