A copy of a letter about David Brown and Kit Trolier was forwarded to me today. Interesting. On one side there is an article from THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER about our current Supervisor David Brown. Apparently, he attempted to become a Councilman in Lower Merion, where he lived up until just a few years ago. When he was being interviewed for the appointment, it was disclosed that he had a large FEDERAL LIEN against him for over $37,000. He also had not paid local taxes for several years (but he paid them just before he decided to run for the office). His excuse? He was getting divorced. David Brown was trying to deceive the Divorce court and his wife by not filing his taxes. What a nice man.

The same people, Brown and Trolier,  made false accusations about Richard Malasics and Maria Holderness during the Supervisors race by sending out a letter at the last minute claiming Malasics and Holderness were tax delinquent for several years. They never supplied proof (because they couldn't) in their accusations but here is the info on Brown in black and white! I have attached the letter and here is a link to the article.   http://articles.philly.com/1991-12-15/news/25809524_1_tax-liens-solid-waste-fee-business-privilege

 A few things I need to point out after reading the article:
1. Brown had an over $37,000 FEDERAL TAX LIEN. It takes MANY years to have ANY type of tax lien filed against a tax non-payer. This issue didn't just "happen".

2. Brown claimed that "there would be a 'tactical disadvantage' " to paying his taxes . Tactical disadvantage? He was hiding money from his wife that he was divorcing! Is this integrity?

3. Brown claimed "These problems are a one time situation". One time? I see TWO from 1990. Then there are TWO MORE in 1992, one is STILL OPEN after 20 years! Another Brown LIE!

4. Brown stated, "I don't think they (the taxes delinquency) reflect on my commitment to the community or my integrity." But he thought that tax issues are important when he and Kit Trolier fabricated claims about Holderness and Malasics in order to steal an election? What HYPOCRITES!

5. Brown "noticed" he had not paid several years of a local tax while preparing for the Commissioner interview. He never would have paid the taxes if he wasn't attempting to gain a political seat. Brown is a real pillar of the Community, isn't he?

6. Brown said, "His failure to pay the business privilege tax was a simple oversight". What inspired him to look at his taxes other than he had the knowledge of never paying them and was hoping he wouldn't get caught. Another lie by David Brown.

7. HERE IS THE BEST PART: Brown stated, "I RESENT the political use of it (the disclosure of his tax delinquencies)......" Yet David Brown and Kit Trolier had no problem FABRICATING tax issues for POLITICAL PURPOSES as long is it against an opponent! I ask, are you disgusted yet? Supporting these two is like voting for your own executioner!

Hypocrites and Liars. Trust and Honor are mere words to David Brown and Kit Trolier. They will say anything at any time, at your door and in your face no matter how untrue in order to get elected. After the election, nothing can be done about it. Now they are running for Republican Committee. Who in their right mind would vote for these people to represent them?  You've been duped once, will you do it again?

Finally, there are several YOUTUBE videos out that should be watched before going to the polls. They are on the channel "TRUTHFORWESTVINCENT". Several have been forwarded to me but you should look at all of them to come up to date on Brown and Trolier. Just look for their names in the title of the videos. Here are few of particular interest, I highly recommend watching them.


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