Due to the new format of the Daily Local News I missed several articles on West Vincent Township. I must say that in many ways I prefer the old format.  The articles now are often slow to load, and sadly it seems that the comments section, which always produced an interesting read, has become so complicated to post to, it is rare to see any comment at all.

I will list the recent articles here in Chronological order so that you can come up to speed. The most important one is the last one.

March 29, 2012

West Vincent residents express road safety concerns (This is the commercial development in Birchrunville)

March 30, 2012

Police charge W. Vincent man with blowing up toilet (Another great police call to Miller Towers)

April 3, 2012

West Vincent wise to study traffic flow near new office complex (While listed as NEWS, it is clearly an OPINION)

April 3, 2012

West Vincent amends zoning ordinance (The Pam Brown Corrective Ordinance is adopted)

April 13, 2012

Four vandals arrested after destructive rampage

April 16, 2012

West Vincent officials deny special treatment was given to landowner (Think they would admit it?)

This article misses so many issues, it's sad. In the Daily Local's defense, it cannot afford to dedicate an entire newspaper to this manipulation. I especially like the points that freshman Supervisor and candidate for Republican Committeeman David Brown makes.

One, he claims she can build another accessory dwelling on her property when I posted the original agreement in an earlier e-mail that specifies that there can be NO further development, which then defines Development as the building of ANY residential structure.

Two, the article states, “The definition of internal square feet to mean habitable square feet is nothing more than a codification of the township’s longstanding interpretation of its own ordinance, which I understand has been uniformly applied for years before, and after, Pam Brown’s transactions,” said David Brown. “It changes nothing. (The) law governing the Pam Brown transactions is the law as it existed then, not now.”

Again, wrong. As pointed out in the video with Republican Committeeman Tom Helwig, the law is not being followed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_RK9U9eiWM   The law is clear and the Zoning officer was not applying it properly, so the Supervisors changed the law to match what the Zoning Officer had been doing.

Finally, Brown goes on to say, “It’s an interesting legal question,” said David Brown. "And in any case", he added, "the building permit was never appealed, so the issue is moot.”  In other words, "Sorry West Vincent Residents, what was done is illegal and we don't care". That's fine if you are a friend of the administration. But if you are not I am sure it wouldn't be the same.

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