On Monday, April 9, 2012, West Vincent Township will open bids for the mowing of sprayfields for Weatherstone and Matthews Meadows, approximately 21 acres. To review for the new(er) readers and for the long term subscribers, the award of the mowing bid last year was given to Ken Miller, Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of West Vincent Township. The value of that contract was around $21,500. Last year several sprayheads were damaged. Only AFTER I did research and exposed the fact the the only person that could have done the damage was Ken Miller, he was forced into paying. Even then he only took claim for two. The third was left to the taxpayers, between a $400-$500 bill. Thanks Ken.

All the information on the sprayhead debacle can be found at my website under 2011, dates August 13, 14, 16, and 17. Then the scam continued into September 8 and 9 as more information appeared. Interesting reading on how it unfolded. I'll bet Ken is awarded the 2012 bid, which is written for even more cuttings. The bid is structured for a price PER cutting, which equals more money.

Since Ken Miller is most likely bidding, let's go over his current legal debts. Last year, he mysteriously paid off a huge amount of back taxes, somewhere in the area of $40,000 in a very short time, around 2 months. But as fast as he gets rid of them, new and bigger ones appear. Who will pay his new ones?

6/21/2011-Land O' Lakes, the people that buy Ken's milk: $18,672.89

2/21/2012-The IRS has a judgment against Ken and Susan Miller: $13,185.33

3/02/2012-Miller stiffed a farmer on Hay and Straw:$2,678.83

How bad is Ken Miller's reputation that he has to buy hay/straw from 60 miles away?

2/08/2012-The GROWMARK company debt that Ken and Susan stalled for over 2 years: $51,827.56

I spoke about GROWMARK in my very first letter on July 27, 2010 (Ken told his friends it was a fake ad) has reared its head and finally made it through the Delaware court system.

3/17/2010- PA Dept of Revenue still holds a Judgment/Lien against Ken and Susan: $27,992.98


All the Judgments/Liens follow this submission for review. There are 12 pages.   I urge the readers to look them up in the Chester County Courthouse. It is public information. Don't worry. Ken should be able to pay these off once the bond re-fi comes through because there will be lots of roadwork money to skim. Your kids can cover it through the year 2031. Or, as Clare Quinn says, "You can move".

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