It seems the West Vincent Township meeting of March 26, 2012 was worth attending. Please read a letter submitted about the old township property that is slated for development under the name “Birchrun Village”.     http://chestercountyramblings.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/all-roads-lead-to-problems-in-west-vincent/  

That letter seems to cover quite a few concerns and legal aspects of what the new owners and township should be looking at instead of shoving it through. With all the concerns listed, only a new traffic study was ordered.

Also read an article from the Daily Local News:   http://www.dailylocal.com/article/20120329/NEWS01/120329481/west-vincent-residents-express-road-safety-concerns&pager=full_story

Next:  It looks like the Dunn Family will be paid for their Transferable Development Rights. Here is the abbreviated history:

A deal was signed on January 25, 2005 to purchase 52 of 62 TDR's for $1,336,400.00, which is $25,700 per development right.
On an undisclosed date, the Dunn's were given $50,000, listed as an “Option Purchase” with no amount of TDR's listed.
On November 30, 2009, the township of West Vincent defaulted on the agreement.
On November 30, 2011, the time elapsed for the Dunn's right to sue.
At an unknown time after November 30, 2011and with no leverage on the Dunn's part, the Township negotiated a new deal.
On 3/26/2012, the Township voted on that agreement, which will set dates for the Hearing. The Township will now pay the Dunn Family, $1,163,470.00 for 55 Development Rights, or $21,154 per development right. The $50,000 deposit is being deducted from the payout.

This is a bittersweet end. After exposing this issue, I believe the Township had no choice but to come back to the table and make a deal with the Dunn Family. The Dunn Family now will get their money, although less than what was agreed to originally. I guess it DOES pay to not honor contracts. Be careful when working with West Vincent Township.A contract means nothing to them.

I don't count on this deal being finalized for 2-3 months. One, there is not enough money to pay the Dunn Family in the Open Space account. Two, the money will not be available until the NEW Bond issue is complete. Remember, the Township had to borrow all the money saved from interest reduction, plus another $200,000, for a total additional borrowed amount of around $950,000. Most people do not know that the balance of the monies from the current Open Space Bond were required by law to be spent within 3 years, far before this agreement (as stated by the bond representative at the township meeting) but perhaps after the re-fi deal, that restarts the clock?

Don't forget Monday's SPECIAL MEETING for the PAM BROWN Ordinance.   Please attend.

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